Playing music from your portable devices on your Home Theater, HiFi or Amplifier


Its always enjoyable playing the  music on your smartphone at a louder volume on your Powerful Home Theater or HiFi System. But I realized that not everyone can do the same because they cannot connect the two devices together. Well with the help of the  BH6540T, the most powerful (1000Watts) LG home theater in town I will show you the different methods of connecting either your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone for quality music at a higher volume than your Headphones. Note that not all LG Home theater models have the same functionality as the 3D Bluray Unit I am using for this post. The tips are the same for any other model or Hifi available n the market.

  • Bluetooth

The BH6540T unit supports music playback from a Bluetooth paired device. just select Bluetooth on the unit or using the remote control and search for it on your portable device. Pair the two and play any music from your device, the sound should start playing from the Home theater. Almost any Bluetooth enabled device sold today can support this functionality, even the chinco feature phones. But the earliest models of Bluetooth will not work, you know the kind of Bluetooth you switched on and it drained your battery very fast.

  • USB Connection

Perhaps the most used method of connecting devices to a Home theater, but it does not work with laptops. The method is straight forward, just use a USB cable and select what you want to listen to using the HT remote control.


The third method is using the PORT IN cable usually at the front of most devices. On the BH6540T unit its below the CD tray. PORT is short for portable and that is exactly what a laptop, tablet or smartphone is. For this to work you need a portable cable which is just a cable with the two ends looking exactly the same. It looks like this, the longer it is the better.


One end (any) goes into your portable device and the other end into the Home theater. Select Port on the home theater and play your favourite music using your media player. The PORT IN is the default method of connecting portable devices to Home theaters but if you do not have this cable then you can use the third and final method.

  • AUX

The fourth method is using the AUX (short for Auxiliary) port at the back of the Home theater. For this you will need to buy an auxiliary  audio cable from your local electronics shop. The AUX cable has the 3.5mm jack at one end (looks exactly like the earphone jack) and two RCA cables at the other end. (usually with RED and WHITE ports). For this to work you need to connect the earphone jack to your phone and the other end to the unit at the back. Play any music from you media player and it will come out from the Home theater. The two ends of an AUX cable look like this, I have used this cable for the past 5 years and its still working:-


Because this is a wired connection, it wont come with that flexibility that Bluetooth offers. So try and buy longer cables if possible.

More on the 3D Blu ray Player

It has 4 tall boy speakers and a slimmer sub woofer box which is very powerful. It can also stream content from the web like YouTube and v tuner. To do this connect it to the internet by using the Ethernet cable. Because its a Blu-ray player, it does not support VCDs and Audio CDs, only Blu-ray discs and DVD movies of various formats can be supported.

The unit also has the Simplink feature that connects it to an Simplink enabled TV for greater functionality like controlling the volume of the Home theater using the TV remote control and automatically switching the TV to the right input after it senses you want to use the Home theater. The cost of the Home theater is KSH32000