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A big subwoofer with two ohms impedance

Hardcore bass? Getting the most out of your subwoofer speaker

So you want more bass from your existing after market amplifier and speaker setup? You are just in time. It does not matter whether your setup is in the car, matatu, or your own house. These tips will make sure you get real hardcore bass. First before anything you need a powerful amplifier and possibly a bridgeable one too.

By Tomasz Sienicki [user: tsca, mail: tomasz.sienicki at] (Own work) [GFDL 1.2 (], via Wikimedia Commons

How to use a computer power supply safely with your car audio amplifier?

Car audio equipment is designed to work on 12 Volts DC as opposed to 240 Volts provided here in Kenya or 120 Volts in other countries. An alternative is to use a 12 Volts adapter but many of the adapters found in the market provide only 1 Amp or less which is much less than what is required. So the alternative is to use a higher amperage transformer built with a bridge rectifier and smoothening capacitors. But transformers apart from being heavy, produce too much heat and if you overload them then you damage them. You cannot also use a laptop adapter as most have 19 Volts output..

By Sony_MEX-BT2500_Xplod_Bluetooth_stereo_head_unit_illuminated.jpeg: Zuzu derivative work: Pittigrilli [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Six good reasons why you should have a car audio system in your house

Car audio manufacturers know that the product they sell will go to unimaginable places and it has to endure very tough conditions. I mean vehicles can be driven roughly and on the worst imaginable places as well. You see a car audio system is made such that it can endure the cold when winding up mountains to the Himalayans, unimaginable heat at the Coast, damp weather in the Congo forest as well as freezing temperatures in Alaska. So let me tell you why you should have a car audio system in your house.

The New Kanon KN-193UR Radio, Torch and MP3 Player

The New Kanon KN-193UR Radio, Torch and MP3 Player

This small radio is one of the best manufactured I have ever come across; you can tell from the image that it’s not new and that is the point. It is in very good shape after being used for a couple of years. Most Portable radio’s handles break during the first three months or so (after the aerial breaks). But not this one this small radio has a wide base of approximately 2X4 Inches. It is also very short so the centre of gravity is also low. The New Kanon KN-193UR does not tip and fall easily like other tall and narrow portable radios.

the pioneer sa-930

The Pioneer SA-930 Vintage Amplifier

Just got hold of this old amplifier at an action for some few coins. At least something not counterfeit or generic for a small price. The intentions were to get it fixed and sell it at a much greater price to a pastor or some student who likes really loud music.