The flying disk type charged remote control emergency lamp

the flying disk type charged remote control emergency lamp
JL-678 is the model Number of this thing that the Chinese manufacturer whose name is not provided wants us to believe is an emergency lamp.
It is well designed, white in colour and pleasing to the eye. The led lamps are placed in a shiny silver coloured background to enhance reflection of light. The plastic used to build this thing screams cheapness. At the top it has a switch from AC to Dc on the other end to the off position in the middle and a red LED that lights indicating that it is charging.

The thing actually works just plug it in your normal lamp holder and control it using a remote controller.When the lights go off it remains on.

the lamp on a lamp holder
Modes of operation
The first mode is as a normal bulb yes you can substitute this for your bulb and lose the brightness of a normal energy saver because its not that bright.

The second mode is as an emergency light bulb that is you plug it in a secondary lamp holder in your house or business and whenever the lights go off it lights automatically.

You can switch between two modes using the switch on the lamp itself or using the remote controller provided.

The Electronics
It isjust a normal Ksh100 torch inside with a bridge rectifier, capacitor, battery and some 22 grains of LEDs. The only extra thing is a remote control sensor and circuit and the external part that makes it possible to plug it in a lamp holder. The packaging claims that it has two high capacity batteries inside while there is actually only one.

the lamp with its remote control
The remote control has only one button and an LED that lights up when the button is pressed. It is powered by a 3 Volts battery similar to the one referred to as CMOS battery in computers.
You can also attach this remote control to your key chain

The Verdict
This is a very poorly produced product produced for the low end market. Its aesthetics can fool you and this is what is used to sell it at almost Ksh700 while it should not cost more than Ksh250.

Dont Buy this item and if you already own it please keep it here for a good money worth emergency lamp that will be reviewed soon.
How did this piece of substandard Tech enter Kenya? It seems somebody died on his job if not sleeping or doesnt care.