Warranty Clauses To Check Before Buying New Electronics


Before you buy any new Electronic Device here are some general warranties clauses that you might want to go through:-

Some electronic items are sold along with a warranty, which is aimed at assuring the customer that the specified tech equipment will perform according to certain standards. As a consumer you have some rights but these rights should be backed up with some knowledge.

Before you buy that Refrigerator, Cooker, Blu Ray DVD player, LED TV, Smartphone or Calculator it is always a good idea to study the terms of the warranty before you hand over your hard earned cash or loan for that item.

Here are the most important clauses.

  1. How long is the warranty? This is the first question you should seek an answer for, Warranty period is usually measures in years. A manufacturer or vendor that gives a six months warranty seems like he or she does not trust the product and would gladly dispose it, if you buy it. The most common duration is one year with some vendors and manufacturers actually giving two years warranty because of how confident they are about that particular product? A word to the wise always read that text below that unbelievably long warranty period like Ten years warranty. This is a marketing gimmick and the long warranty period is always a part of the whole product. An example is some Samsung microwave ovens come with a ten year warranty on the ceramic inside. Another example is by LG who gives Ten years warranty on the Direct Drive Motor they use in their latest Washing Machines.
  2. When does the warranty commence? Is it right after purchase or right after the product leaves the factory floor? You don’t need to worry about this but what you should know is that even that vendor selling you the item was given a warranty too! Did this warranty end the duration that item was on display? An example is that big generator on display or that Hi-Fi that you hear on the street on some vendors display.
  3. Is the warranty supplied in writing and is it dated? A warranty card should always be dated the same date as the purchase and very importantly be stamped. Never leave the shop with your HD TV or any other Electronic gadget with an unstamped warranty card.
  4. What if the Tech malfunctions will it be replaced or repaired? A very important detail to be asked to the vendor and if it is going to be repaired will he or she provide a standby unit?  Assume you own a Pub which airs the EPL, you businesses backbone during the EPL. Will your customers run away to your competitor because you are still waiting for your item to be repaired? Be smart always ask if a standby unit will be provided in case of anything.
  5. If the item is going to be repaired instead of being replaced where will the repair be carried out and what is the average duration of a repair.
  6. Does the warranty cover the cost of any replacement parts that may be required? Does the warranty also cover the labour required to repair the item? No need to worry about this because most warranties offered in Kenya cover the cost of replacement parts as well as the labour .
  7. What actions by the purchaser (you) will mean that the warranty is no longer valid? This is the bombshell that makes most people read the warranty card at the point of purchase. This is after returning it for malfunction and being turned away for improper use.

Some points to note
Never open up an item for any reason before the warranty period is over, this will mean the warranty is void.
Vendors never  re-accept  warranty items that have physical damage like from dropping although some companies like Samsung offer such kind of warranties on  selected Smartphones after the screen shatters due to dropping.
Some vendors actually do not offer warranties on power supplies. Power supplies are electronic gadgets like laptop adapters, Mobile phone chargers and in some very strange cases a whole product if it is known that the power supply inside is the culprit. This is all thanks to power surges and spikes.
Some warranty cards in Kenya even tell you to use protection devices like fridge guards and go on to warn you that if you don’t then the warranty is void.