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Through African Eyes is the tagline of the 24/7 News channel TVC News. TVC News is a 24 hour Pan African news channel that broadcasts African News and World events with an African perspective. It broadcasts from Lagos, Nigeria and has correspondents all over Africa. I still watch this channel from the first day I stumbled on it. I definitely knew it was from Nigeria because of the heavy Nigerian accent of some student in a debate show at that time.

TVC News offers news truly in an African perspective in such away that you would conclude that other international news channels like CNN, Aljazeera, and BBC are monsters when it comes to reporting on African issues. Lets just say you will never see any dead bodies in South Sudan unlike the other channels.

It is a great channel but I would not rely on it to feed me with local news right here in Kenya. Why? Because the normal 7pm and or 9pm News I watch, I usually see bits of it the following day on TVC News as Breaking news. An example was the grenade that exploded at the JKIA, I watched it as Breaking News a day after after the Kenyan Media had run the story.

 The Nigerian shows are just too many for a channel that is supposed to air content from all over Africa. I would have expected debates from all over Africa, from Namibia to Eritrea to Congo Brazzaville and Morocco.

And the equipment they have would render our local Citizen TV a toddler, not to mention that TVC News anchors do not walk around showing off their companies tablets but instead concentrate on reading the current world events to its viewers.

Other than that TVC News is a good channel worthy of your time.

How to receive the channel

This channel has not yet been listed on DSTV, ZUKU, Gotv or the Startimes pay TV bouquets but it is available on free to air on the following KU band satellite on DVBS (MPEG 2) format.

Satellite - Intelsat 20 at 68.5deg
Frequency - 12602
Polarization - H
Symbol Rate - 26657
FEC Rate - 2/3
Enjoy it.

If you manage to recieve this channel the you will know it comes with another 100 or so free to air channels mostly christian channels.

You can also visit its website

Written by Gichane