TLC TV The Never Boring Channel

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TLC TV is a channel I stumbled upon as a result of the Astrovox 9000 HD Free to air decoder I acquire thanks to a friend. I was lucky because this channel is hosted by Zuku and I think they unscrambled it to get more bait or to get the already subscribed customers to pay by giving the a taste of what they are missing. Long story short this channel is not going to be free any longer so this is a taste of what the channel looks like and what it has to offer.

TLC is that kind of channel where you can just tune it any time you are bored and it will take away the boredom asap. All its programs are local unlike our Kenyan TV stations which complain a lot when told to air 60 percent local content. By the way the local content is American as this is where the channel originates.

Did I mention that it has zero adverts; the only adverts on this channel are self adverts of programs they are going to air. This is not like again the Kenya channels that fill us with those 5 code sms subscription services. If you are reading this and you subscribe to such services (which you can get freely on the internet) then Vision 2030 is nothing but a dream or maybe you are just rich and would rather subscribe to such a service than donate to charity.

Ok back to TLC TV, some of the programs it airs that I watched are cake boss, kitchen boss, undercover mums, say yes to the dress and toddlers and tiaras. As you may guess from this line up this is a feminine channel! Whatever got me hooked was the first show I watched which was cake boss and just before I changed the channel I watched the part where a customer gave directions he would like his birthday cake to throw flames.

tlc tv the cake boss
Who would not want to see that? A cake that throws flames! Any way I saw the whole baking process of a birthday cake with a Hawaiian theme and alas the mafia like speaking cake boss delivered his customers wishes.

Kitchen boss is almost similar to cake boss and I think it is also hosted by the same mafia speaking like cake boss. The only difference is that in Kitchen boss they cook varieties of food with ovens and other mixing tools that I have never seen in any shop in Kenya. If I had equipment like that, being technical I know I can become a chef and compete in the other programs like master chef Australia.

Another episode I watched is say yes to the dress where soon to be Brides and brides groom visit a wedding gown shop to try on wedding gowns. After every try out the shop attendant would ask the bride to be “Are you saying yes to the dress”. If the answer is no then the bride to be would try out another dress until she accepts a dress.The climax for me was when a couple spent 50000 US dollars on two dresses for one night. That was like around almost 4.3 Million Kenya shillings.

tlc tv say yes to the dress
I found the program toddlers and tiaras too girly and exploitative of children so this is where I switched the channel to an Israeli 24 hour News channel with the name of I24 News that I will review soon. This Israeli channel comes in English and French and I you should not expect the French review any sooner.

Another program I would like to see but did not get a chance is Here comes honey booboo in addition to undercover mums.

cast of here comes honey boo boo
As I mentioned above this channel is available on the Zuku Pay TV package and Dstv AS TLC South Africa. Or if you want to receive it for free just check it out on SES5 at 5 deg East but Im sure its not going to be free for that long


I will post the TP later.

And after a few days the tp is 11900 V 27500. This transponder frequecy belongs to Zuku and the channel actually changes every month. TLC TV was on January, Discovery Science on February and right now I am Enjoying The Box Africa Channel.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014