DW TV is a German TV station that broadcasts from Berlin. Its available here in Kenya, more on this later.By DW (DW.de) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

DW TV broadcasts information oriented programmes with the international news in between the informative documentaries. This channel truly shows german perfection

You can also learn german on their website www.dw.de. Come to think of it is there an East African TV station that breoadcasts in other countries say sweden that teaches people to speak Swahili? By the way the DW website can also be changed and show its content in Swahili!.

Ok some of the programmes on Dw tv are DW Shift, shift living in the digital agea 15 min programme where you can learn alot about the internet and applications world than watching 50 Nigerian Movies. Here they discuss things like shift Rank where they rank 5 random things from the internet like the most photographed cities in the world, the city with the most number of smartphones in the world etc.

Shift also shares information on how to protect yourself from hackers online and how internet online games are fleecing their players.

Another programme broadcast is DW Drive It for the car buffs where they review expensive vehicles.drive it

For the fashion loving people there is euromaxx

For the football lovers there is Kick Off where they highlight the Bundesliga.

kick off


Other programmes are Close up, Made in Germany, In focus, Global Ideas among others.




DW TV shows on local TV stations among them KTN and GBS but only selected shows like Drive It, Shift and In good shape

Now how to recieve the channel

DW TV is available on the Zuku pay tv package,

or if you dont want to pay anything

SES 5 Satellite at 5 deg East (zuku is also on this Satellite)

Frequency- 12015MHz

Polarity -V

Symbol Rate -29950

Fec Rate -3/4

If you manage to recieve this channel then here are the other English Channels you will also get free to air


CCTV 9 Documentary

France 24 English

NHK World

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Written by Gichane