The Tecno Spark 3 Will Be Available End Month


The rumour mills have started up again and this time, Africa’s smartphone giant TECNO Mobile is the name on the lips of every tech enthusiast. Reports received are suggesting that the smartphone powerhouse is working towards launching yet another device from its best-selling series the SPARK.

Coming off another stellar year in the SPARK Series the SPARK 3 seeks to build on the achievements of its earlier siblings, the SPARK and the SPARK 2.

The earlier versions were well received in the market with the youth being the number 1 consumers of the brand and giving positive reviews for the predecessors.

Information from credible sources suggest that, the smartphone is taunted to flex its considerable muscle in the smartphone ecosystem market in Africa with the release of their latest device in 2019.

The next TECNO SPARK 3 smartphone, which we hear may come in two versions just like its predecessor, has been taunted by several rumour sources not be only equipped with AI Bright Camera, but also to support the 4G network bandwidth and to also come packing the latest version of Android PIE.

With TECNO’s reputation in the smartphone game for some years now, I totally wouldn’t count out this device to cause ripples in the market right now. TECNO SPARK series have not only been awesome, but they totally changed people’s perception about smartphones and their affordability in recent times.

Peoples acceptance in the smartphone technology has gradually been increasing over the years and this feat is deeply rooted to the existence of TECNO Mobile since the launch of its SPARK series.

However, let me clearly state that as of today, we cannot categorically confirm that all the images circulating both online and offline are 100% correct, but who are we to judge?

Meanwhile, like I earlier stated, rumour has it that the next SPARK 3 smartphone will come packing a AI Camera bright camera that will surely excite the photocentric members of our society. And, we also hear that the device will stomach several special features which may include a facial recognition security scanner, a very large storage space and a sleek design.