The New Kanon KN-193UR Radio, Torch and MP3 Player

The New Kanon KN-193UR Radio

This small radio is one of the best manufactured I have ever come across; you can tell from the image that it’s not new and that is the point. It is in very good shape after being used for a couple of years. Most Portable radio’s handles break during the first three months or so (after the aerial breaks). But not this one this small radio has a wide base of approximately 2X4 Inches. It is also very short so the centre of gravity is also low. The New Kanon KN-193UR does not tip and fall easily like other tall and narrow portable radios.

The handle is also very well made, no hinges on it and its also thick enough. If you manage to drop this small radio, I doubt the handle will break easily.
As you can see apart from being a normal FM radio receiver, it has an inbuilt torch to the side with a couple of LED lights. It also can play mp3 music from a flash disc or SD card. If you also insert a normal memory card into an SD card adapter, it will also play the mp3 files. The FM tuning knob is also big meaning you can easily tune FM stations that are very close together on the frequency spectrum without listening to multiple radio stations at once.

The mp3 play, next and previous knobs are well places at the top right corner and are also big enough for easy handling.
The other reason the handle is built like that is because this is also a torch or flashlight, with the press of the red button on top of the handle you now have a torch as well as music in your hands.

There are 3 modes of powering this radio, firstly using two size D batteries. Secondly using a 240 AC and thirdly using the accumulator inside. The accumulator is a rechargeable battery inside that charges when you are using AC power. During a blackout you will continue listening to the radio as well as use the very handy torch.

The features
 3 band Radio FM/AM/SW
Inbuilt Torch
USB and SD Card MP3 player
1.5mm audio jack
Sound output 1.5 Watts
2 inches 3ohms speaker
Power consumption 8.5 watts

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Written by Gichane
Thursday, June 12, 2014