The Tecno DroidPad As A Childrens Device Plus More About The Kids Zone App


When it comes to smartphones and tablets and small children there are a number of worries that parents have. Most of these worries stem from the fear of the device itself rather than what such type of technology exposes little children to.

The time consumed on these devices is also a worry to parents.  Children spending alot of their time on devices means that they are missing out on doing other activities like doing homework or playing outside with their peers.

How the DroidPad 7D addresses these problems

First of all when it comes to safety of the device, the Tecno DroidPad 7D comes with a rubber case provided. It sorrounds the whole tablet including the edges and corners too. On top of that it comes with a free touch protector.

So any accidental drops or whatever circumstances that lead to a scratched screen are minimised.


With 1GB RAM and 16GB storage (with controlled supervision by adults) then the specs are just right for use by small children. The main camera is  5MP and the front has a 2MP camera and both have inbuilt flash. That might not be so big but when it comes to small kids, we are not talking about professional photographers.

What is the Kids Zone App


This is an app that comes with any Tecno DroidPad 7D device. It’s main purpose is to help adults supervise the use of the tablet to small children by limiting the apps to be used by the children and also the time spent on the device too.

How Do You Activate It

By starting the Kids Zone app, the user is prompted to enter a few details like the name of the child, the age and also set a 4 digit numerical password.


Adults should note that they should not give this password to the kids. If they have the password then the apps work will just be in vain.


Once everything is set the parent can choose which apps the Kids Zone app can access.


How to Activate Kids Zone App

Activating the Kids Zone app is done by starting the app and giving it to the little ones, that is easy.

Here the app launches and displaces the normal home screen. The navigation buttons also disappear. The screen now shows the apps chosen  for use during the set up process. Here is a screen shot of mine.

What Other Additional settings Does Kid Zone App Have

The other settings include setting the time limit for the devices usage and also setting the rest time. This is the time in between usage sessions.

How to exit the Kids Zone App

At the top of the Kids Zone app there is a rectangular shape that can be dragged down to reveal the password page.


After entering the correct password, the parent mode and exit App icons are revealed.


Whats in the Parent Mode

Everything that every parent requires to protect their child from technology.


  1. The usage time in two parts. That is the usage time and rest time.
  2. Data access button.
  3. Control of the Google Playstore downloads.
  4. The app management, where you choose which apps should be accessed in the Kids Zone App.