The TECNO DroidPad 7D Review, Comfortable To Hold and More


The Tecno Droid Pad 7D tablet from Tecno is up for review. i have been using this device for a few weeks now and its my turn to let you know how it performs.


The Display on the Tecno DroidPad 7D is a 7 Inch screen tablet with a rough looking textured back cover. (It is not. It is actually very smooth). The only buttons on the Droidpad 7D are the 2 volume buttons and the power button below that.

Volume and Power Buttons

For size comparison, this is me holding the tablet. As you can see its quite a big device with the camera and flash  standing out at the top. The other notable thing is the big boundary between the actual screen and the edge of the tablet it self. On the sides its slim and wider at the top and bottom portions of the tablet.


The display is a HD display which works. It’s a little bit grainy when looked at very close to the eyes but its overall soft to the eyes. The brightness level could go lower to satisfy my needs in dark rooms as well as be bright enough to be used in a well lit area. However not quite effective while out in the sunlight.

Connectors And Ports


As you might have guessed, the battery is non removable and it is obvious that the use of SIM and SD card tray has been discarded to favour the removable top cover. It houses the twin micro SIM slots as well as the SD card slot. The flap clips down perfectly after use and also comes off easily too.

The USB port and headphone jack are located close to each other at the top of the device. At the back near the bottom is the speaker slot.

As for ergonomics in ease of use, the Tecno DroidPad 7D is comfortably used while holding it in both hands. Another option is to place it on a flat surface and use one hand (or finger). In potrait mode however both hands on the device is required in tilt control gaming and watching videos.


Powered by a 1.3Ghz quad core processor the Droidpad 7D is comfortably within working limits. With 1GB RAM to help out the processes it is not that fast, and neither is it very slow. Comparing it with the PhonePad 3, it is slower. The trick here is to clear the cache and avoiding opening many apps at once.

Seems like the DroidPad 7D is made for the younger generation because how would you explain the kids zone app.


The main Camera is 5MP with Flash while the front camera is 2MP with Flash too. The back camera can snap nice photos plus it can record videos in HD. Though the camera settings don’t say the type of video being shot, the Fine video quality is definitely of HD quality/

The front camera being not so mighty in the pixel arena can snap photos that work essentially. Thats according to my own opinion.


The battery capacity on the DroidPad 7D is 3000mAh which is not that suitable for a tablet with a 7 inch screen. The charger can however provide juice to full capacity in less than two hours.

Charging is via a micro USB port at the top of the device. This is quite an unusual place for a USB port but since the orientation of the device works all the way round, it makes no difference where the port is.


The USB port also supports OTG and so devices that can be used on a PC USB port can also be used on the DriodPad 7D. Examples are USB flash disks, a mouse, Keyboard, USB Fan, USB light among others.

There you have it, like I said before it seems like this tablet is built for the younger generation. Pupils in lower primary school will enjoy the Tecno DroidPad 7D while the parents have the satisfaction of controlling their children’s usage time using the Kids Zone application.

Thats not to say that teenagers and adults cannot use the device. There is no age limit set and I enjoyed reading articles, documents and also watching movies on the big screen device. I definitely recommend this device.