How The Tecno Camon CX Feels Like


The Tecno Camon CX had a worldwide launch right here in Kenya and is available to purchase on Tecno Brand shops across the country. I have used the Tecno Camon CX for a few weeks and this is what I can tell you before you purchase yours.

Whats different

Comparing the Camon CX and the Camon C9, the mostly notable features are

  • The back camera and flash have been moved to the left side.
  • the introduction of front dual flash.
  • Introduction of fingerprint scanner
  • The slightly curved back side has been straightened to a smooth metallic finish.

For Starters here is a Video I did on the Tecno Camon CX specs and features. Enjoy

The Tecno Camon CX Review

So this time round Tecno have given us a 5.5″ smartphone with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. Its powered by an 1.5GHz octa core processor running on HiOS 2.0 (based on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system).


The main material is a smooth finish full metal body with what is known as a 2.5D water drop screen at the front. I like the way the front speaker is made which prevents those dust particles from clogging that area. At the bottom there is an asymmetrical design with only one microphone hole at the left and numerous holes for the speaker with the USB port at the centre.

Primarily The Camon series of smartphones are made with big camera specs and the Camon CX is no different. The front camera is 16MP and the back camera too is 16MP. There is too just too much details to talk about the cameras so I will keep it to a minimum here and do a full Tecno Camon CX camera review later.


The Rear main Camera like I said before is 16 megapixels with autofocus and Quad ring flash.

The Front Camera is also 16 megapixels fitted with dual LED flash at the front too. Do the fancy flash lights work? Wait for the Camera review.


A 5.5″ screen which is also a full HD display does justice to the Tecno Camon CX which has great cameras too. The Camon CX also has in screen navigational buttons but it would have been great if they were off screen type that do not eat too much into the screen.


On the display settings there are other picture display settings apart from the one we are already used to, the brightness setting. So here MiraVision allows you to change the picture mode from standard, vivid and user mode.

Dynamic Contrast adds more visible boundaries between different colours and the BluLight Defender in Eye care makes sure that the blue light we receive from the LED back-light does not affect us. Blue light which is always invisible can cause eye problems.

Sound and Music

The speaker on the Camon CX is good, whats even better are the earphones. I found myself hearing things in songs that I never hard before. The bass is awesome, its just that all the shaking associated with bass is lacking. Its just clean bass even at low volumes.

With both the boom player and Google music as the music players, I was dissapointed that they both lack the sound equalizer settings. I dont know why the boom equalizer app was discontinued. Maybe if I update the Google Play Music app the sound equalizer settings will return.

Charging And USB

The Camon CX comes with a 2A charger and a detachable USB cable.  Charging is via a micro USB port at the bottom. I expected the port to be a USB type C like the Tecno Phantom 6. Again here we see the awesome graphics one you plug in the Charger to the wall. This you have to see for yourself.

The battery capacity is 3200mAh and with conservative use, I could last at least 16 hours before the low battery notification warnings started. With Wi-Fi turned on and watching like what seems like unlimited YouTube videos and being on various time wasting apps, I drained the battery juice much faster.


I have been using the Tecno Camon CX for a while now and I can report that its an impressive device. From the design features to the user interface graphics as well as its powerful cameras.

The Tecno Camon CX retails for around Ksh19,000 in Kenya right now.