Skylife HD Set Top Box (2 Years Warranty) Review


I’m not new to the Skylife decoder because I have recommended it many times to guys who have a particular problem that I will explain towards the end of this post. So lets get started

What is Skylife? Skylife is the latest digital terrestrial receiver brand to enter the Kenyan market. The brand Skylife has several Decoders with the same name but today I will be reviewing the latest decoder, SL-500T2. Before I go further let me mention that the Skylife decoder comes with 2 Years warranty. That in itself speaks about the quality of the product. No company will ever give you 2 years warranty if they are not 100 percent confident about what you are buying.

Physical features and whats in the box

The Skylife SL-500T2 is one of the smallest decoders I have ever encountered. It only has 3 buttons at the front namely CH+, CH- and standby button. The best feature by far is that the USB port is located at the front and not the back like most decoders in the market.

It is powered by an external 12 Volts adapter at only 1A which is very little electricity in tech talk.

Included in the box are the following items

  • Skylife decoder
  • Remote control
  • RCA cable
  • Pair of triple A remote batteries and a very detailed
  • User manual

Hands on Testing

For testing purposes I connected the Skylife decoder to an analogue TV using a HDMI cable and powered it having connected a stable and well installed antenna.

The channel scan did not take long and what’s interesting is that it skipped all scrambled channels and listed only the free to air channels. Most decoders scan everything including the scrambled channels and so you have to skip a lot of channels just to get to a free to air channel. Channels switching from one to the other is also fast compared to most decoders. The channels are a little bit better on the HDMI cable than on the normal RCA cable.

The decoder does not heat so much but whatever little heat is produced it is dissipated by the vents on top of the decoder.

Don’t let the small size fool you, the Skylife decoder can handle up to 500GB external hard drive for watching movies and listening to music. Apart from that the External HDD can be used for PVR (Personal Video Recording). What this means is that you can record your favorite programs and watch them later or alternatively you can set your decoder to record the 7pm news (or anything else) and then watch at your own convenience. 


More pictures of the Skylife set top box

P1000821  P1000823 P1000826



The Skylife set top box is the cheapest original and quality set top box there is in the market today. Which other decoder do you know has 2 years warranty and costs Ksh2,999? The answer is none.

Another advantage is that the USB port is at the front of the STB making it easier to insert Flash drives and External Hard drives.

The downside is that it doesn’t come with a HDMI cable, but you can always buy it afterwards.

To buy the decoder visit Digital Life Electronics at the junction of Kamae Road and Luthuli Avenue. Call 0722129070, 0790912433 or visit Skylife Set Top Box Facebook page for more information.

If you are not from Nairobi check the countrywide dealers here.