A Really Impressive Device, The OPPO F5


Made from a uni-body at the back and a full screen at the front, the OPPO F5 is truly an amazing phone to gaze at. I said uni body in the previous sentence because the OPPO F5 does not have a different edge from the back cover, its all one seamless and smooth body. The silver rings at the top and bottom which Im guessing are antenna outlets are provide an even more stunning look from the back.


The 6.0 Inch screen is a 1080p Full HD display and it covers 84 percent of the front of the smartphone. This means that the bezel area left is very minimal and that is exactly what users want, A big screen without the accompanying big bezels that make a smartphone really big and bulky.


The accessories that come with the OPPO F5 include a free phone case, earphones, a micro USB cable and a 2 Ampere charger.  when it comes to the other accessories there is not a lot to talk about but it is worth mentioning that the phone case is really rigid and it covers all the corners of the smartphone from damage if by any bad luck it hits the floor with an edge. The earphones are the earbud type of earphones that have improves sound quality over the canal type of earphones. Their main disadvantage is that they do not block out outside noise and keep falling off if you are in active head movement.

Camera Features

The Rear camera sensor is 16-megapixel and the fact that the OPPO F5 has a Full HD screen, this combination makes taking photographs and shooting videos so much fun.

The Front camera is 20MP and combine rgus with the new AI technology from OPPO, this makes the OPPPO brand the selfie expert and leader.

Both the front and back cameras have Flash.

Here is a simple compilation of videos that I shot using the OPPO F5 smartphone. I shot all the videos with the back camera recording settings at 1080p. So to enjoy the video fully you will need a fast internet connection and set the YouTube quality settings to 1080p.

To get a feeling of the OPPO F5 user interface, I also made another video for you to get a taste of how the user interface feels and looks like.



Fingerprint scanner

Located at the back centre is a depression that is the fingerprint scanner. It is positioned in such a way that it doesent i terferw with the uni body deaign of the OPPPO F5 that I talked about ealier in the begunning of this post.

The OPPO F5 has a very fast acting fingerprint scanner that unlocks the device from screen off state in milliseconds.

Apart fom unlocking the device, the fingerprints feature can also be used to lock apps and files on the device too.

Face Recognition

The face recognition feature also makes the OPPP F5 an impressive device due to the fact that a user can unlock the device using his/her face only.

At the heart of the fave unlock feature is the front 20MP camera. Setting up this feature requires a well lit area for the face scan to work.



It is truly unbelievable that OPPO F5 fit a 3200mAh battery inside that slender OPPO F5 smartphone which has a thickness of only 7.5mm. If the LCD screen and back cover thicknesses are put into consideration then we are left to wonder how thin that battery package is. The back cover is non removable and so for the majority  of us, we will simply have to have to enjoy the slenderness of the OPPO F5.

The energy saver option on the OPPO F5 has the option of freezing apps in the background thus reducing power consumption.

The OPPO F5 is really an impressive device.