How Does The OPPO F3 Stack Up Against The Samsung Galaxy S8


By now I bet you have seen an advertisement about the new OPPO smartphone, the newest selfie smartphone in Kenya. Maybe it was on TV, a YouTube Ad or a billboard. I’m also sure you’ve come across the Samsung Galaxy S8 advertisement where the characters in the smartphone kick the edges from the device. Samsung calls it Unbox Your Phone. Check the Unbox Your Phone Ad here if you haven’t seen it already. My favourite knock comes from the Maasai jumping up.

I recommend you check the advert above before you check this one here too. Its the Oppo Ad.

Oppo advertises its smartphone as a camera smartphone while highlighting its best features while Samsung (in confidence) chose to highlight the almost edge-less Samsung Galaxy S8. These two smartphones were released at roughly the same period with the S8 coming out in April while the OPPO F3 coming out the following month.



From the features image you might have some rough idea about this.  So both devices have

  • 64GB Internal storage. That’s a lot if you are used to 16GB (like me).
  • The said storage can be upgraded to a maximum of 256GB.
  • 4GB RAM. Again you realize this after upgrading from a 2GB RAM device and the simplest tasks like loading and playing a video on Whatsapp takes a relatively short time for example.
  • Dual Nano SIM.
  • Support 4G
  • Finger print scanner enabled
  • Non removable battery (although capacity is different)

The Differences

Starting with what most people check when buying a smartphone, the display.  The OPPO F3 has a 5.5 Inch screen while the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5.8 Inch screen. Should I repeat that it is edge-less.

1. The Camera

The OPPO F3 has 3 cameras! Yes 3 Cameras, one at the back and two at the front. With one for normal selfie and the other for group selfie. There is no need for a selfie stick as the lens in the 2nd camera manage to take a wide angle shot from an arms length.


The S8 has a 12MP/8MP pair of cameras.

Though they both vave HDR and LED Flash, the Samsung S8 can record 4K videos and 1080p videos at 60fps (frames per second) while the OPPO F3 can record up to 1080p at 30fps.

2.The Slots

While both devices are dual SIM which support 4G connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S8 uses one SIM slot as an SD card slot too.  So it’s either you use the S8 as a dual SIM without an SD card or use it with a single SIM and an SD card.

On the other hand,  the OPPO F3 has slots for both SIM cards and an SD card (all on the same SIM tray).

OPPO F3 has 2 Nano SIM slots and a separate SD card slot

3. The Finger Print Scanner

I came across this article online and thought that I should share it here today. This appeared on the verge with the headline. “The Galaxy S8’s misplaced fingerprint scanner was probably a last-minute change“.


Ask anyone to tell you where a smartphone’s fingerprint reader should be and, though the answers will vary, you’ll never be told “off center, right next to the camera lens on the back.” But lo and behold, that’s exactly where Samsung plopped its fingerprint scanner on the new (and otherwise delightful) Galaxy S8. It’s a perplexing decision if we consider it as a deliberate design choice, but reports ahead of the S8’s launch, which now seem validated by the device itself, suggest that it was a last-minute alteration enforced by the slower-than-desired development of more ambitious technology.

OPPO had a different approach to this. They place the fingerprint scanner on the front centre navigation button. Now this is not a clickable button but a touch sensitive button  that also doubles up a s a fingerprint scanner. The best digits to use on this scanner are the thumbs because that is the digit most people use on the navigation area of a smartphone.  The fingerprint scanner on the OPPO F3 can only be used to unlock the device, encrypt apps and keep files secure in the device.


4.The Price

The OPPO F3 goes for around Ksh33,000 (around 330USD) while the Samsung Galaxy S8 goes for Ksh85,000 (around 850USD). The larger 6.2 Inch galaxy S8+ goes for Ksh95,000 (around 950USD) device

Here we can assume that Samsung may be selling the name more than the device to its customers.

5. Battery

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a bigger screen, right?  Then it’s expected to have a bigger battery capacity. But it doesn’t, in fact it has a 3000mAh battery while the OPPO F3 has a 3200mAh battery. This battery can last a whole 17 hours without the need to recharge. I have been using the OPPO FE for a while and there is not a single day I charged it during the day.

When it comes to charging, the S8 offers quick charging while the OPPO F3 doesn’t have this ability.


Check here for a more technical comparison of the the Samsung galaxy S8 and OPPO F3.

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