Openbox V8 Combo decoder review – DVBS2 + DVBT2


Finally the Open box V8 Combo decoder is somehow available in Nairobi. Where does one buy the Openbox V8 Combo decoder in Nairobi? Quite a tricky question to answer because I have not seen this particular decoder on any shop. I bought this decoder from the streets like a crack dealer. I met the seller at the Nairobi Cinema parking lot, entered his vehicle and the exchange took place without even testing the decoder. Quite a risk (not on my life because I’m an ASAS victim) but because I left without knowing if it even powers on. I was buying this decoder for a friend so I had a very limited time to test it but since it impressed me so much, I will get one for my collection.

For the record; he refused the Thyword combo decoder because it didn’t have a HDMI port.

What’s in the box

The usual suspects decoder, remote control, manual, HDMI cable and power adapter. Notably missing were the remote control batteries.

Powering the decoder

After connection everything together this is what came up on my screen. But before I could get another pair of remote batteries , I stared at the settings menu for quite sometime. The remote control is well built and seems like it can last for a very long time but it makes that clicking sound when pressed. The Openbox decoder gets its power from an external 12Volts 3A power adapter.



Its now clear that the decoder is a twin tuner satellite as well as terrestrial decoder. I first tested it using an antenna and what I noticed first is its good up-scaling capabilities. Of course you have to use a HDMI cable for this but it does not also mean that all crappy images will be transformed into Full HD. This was confirmed by watching Signet Sayare, that channel has the worst picture quality on the dvbt2 platform. Other than that all other channels with decent 576i picture are up-scaled with a noticeable difference.

backside-openbox-v8-combo-decoder backside-openbox-v8-combo-decoder

The major advantage of this decoder is that its a Combo decoder with only one remote for all functionalities either satellite or terrestrial. This is okay for an ordinary user because it eliminates the use of multiple decoders and remotes   but for ASAS victims (they know themselves) this is not enough.

ASAS victims want more than the bare minimum and that’s why the thyword decoder was so unpopular. I didn’t have time to test the Openbox V8 Combo decoder on the 7E goodies but here is a quick test on Amos5.

The blind-scan feature reminds me of the Technosat T 888 decoder with the only difference being the theme colour.



The Openbox V8 Combo decoder stabilises the annoying cracking and jittery sound on Amos5 tp 11137 V. So with this decoder you can enjoy the Continental package which has some very interesting channels including star movies. Some of these channels will be on the FAV list for sure. Terrestrial as well as satellite channels can be mixed on to one favourite list which is why this decoder is awesome.

As for the sensitive tuner, its very true. I did a test on Nilesats weakest frequency 11977 V which hosts CNN. The weather was very cloudy with a little rain plus the dish size was 90cm with a Stargold LNB. There was no pixelation even though the other decoder was struggling on the same tp with the same conditions.

DiSEqC and PVR

The Openbox V8 is dish farm accommodating because it can accept up to 16 inputs while on DiSEqC 1.1 but an 8X1 switch is sufficient enough. Or is it?

PVR as well as time-shift function are available, so you can pause live TV as well as record shows when you are not available. I tried recording a small snippet show and can confirm that the same file can be played on VLC media player. The USB port can be accessed by opening the whole front face like a pick up boot.


This is what happens when you press the M/P button on the remote, I really searched for the EPG button! All the other usual suspects Audio, Satellite, Recall and Find have been hidden here.


Like I said before I have not tested the full capabilities of this decoder but I know it supports DLNA and can unlock some channels. It seems that this is the latest decoder now. Will it replace the Strong SRT decoders? Let’s wait and see.

The openbox can do wonders so if you don’t know what the last paragraph here means then see these guys here for a tutorial. The guy who wrote it is a pro.

For those who own Openbox V8 Combo/Pro and other receivers which CA Protocol for entering keys,you can download SOFTCAM KEY here ,save it in your usb stick,go to Menu>Tools>Conditional Access>Press 6666>Key Edit>MGCAMD BISS>Import.If your dish is well positioned to Eutelsat 7°E Europe B Beam,blind scan and it will open D*G*T**K Channels ,no need to buy SRT 4950H if you already own such a stb.


  • Steve A.

    Please send me emails with the details on how to get it. Regards.

  • ahmedkaisha

    strong srt decoders still remain the best in the market so far.the open box v 8 combo is only popular for its combo design nothing peculiar to beat the strong srt

    • Its true but its conversations like these that will make the openbox V8 combo decoder popular. The thyword stb was unpopular because it did not have functionalities like biss key editing and software updates which are what make the strong receivers good. But the openbox has the same functionality on top of the dvbt2 feature.

  • peter kerandi

    i need unscrambler firmware for fta decorder

  • peter kerandi

    can SOFTCAM KEY work on any FTA

  • njorogek

    How where can I buy OpenBox?

    • Check your email address for a contact who will help you with the openbox

  • gathu nas

    how does it compare to thyword decoder?

  • skasoma

    WOW. Just WOW! I need the combo. Dominic, since I am in UG, how do I go about this? I was thinking of getting a qsat combo but since I currently have an openbox (S9) and having read this, I want to stay on Openbox. lease advise.

    • Dont wait till its too late to buy your openbox v8 combo decoder. Are they available in Uganda?

      • skasoma

        I have not seen any Openbox on market here. A container or 2 may be a good idea.
        Does the v8 have an internal HDD or one has to use an external via USB port?

        • It does not have an internal HDD, you have to use an external storage device. As for the container we are working on it

  • watson karimi

    I have a Thyword set up box but need another set up box for a separate TV.How do I get this combo which appears better and at what price?

    • Is the email address you used to register still active? I have sent you a contact who will sell you the decoder to your email address

      • watson karimi

        The E mail is very much active.I await his contact and shall inform you when he does.Thanks for quick response.

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        Fb mail still works if one had set up redirection.

        • I have sent you the email, please check your inbox.

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            Kindly send me details on where to get this decodet in nairobi

    • Call Justus +254731402954

  • gandaowino

    Hi Dominic!The Offset-satellite dishes are available in various size 60cm and 90cm ….etc.These dishes have two axis i.e. long and short.How can one determine the satellite dish Size.Do use the long axis or the short one?

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    • Great to hear from Nairaland, check your email address too.

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    165 cm offset dishes available @ Kes 17,000

  • Martin Mukasa

    Interesting!! Where can I get it in Uganda?

  • Martin Mukasa

    Interesting!! Where can I get it in Uganda?

    • Call Justus +254731402954 for the Openbox decoder. He delivers anywhere within East Africa

  • Hello everyone, for the Openbox decoder Call Justus +254731402954. He delivers anywhere within East Africa

  • Samuel Mwendwa

    Sounds like the reason I dont get the weakest signal on Nilesat is a function of my deocder. Dominic, does it also pick Aljazeera English on Nilesat equally well?

  • Jimbo

    Hi, i bought a new one ( had someone bring it from italy), signal intensity stuck at 60% but quality at zero. What do i do? Is the hardware lacking something?
    Appreciate any help.

    • Its because you have not connected it to a properly aligned satellite dish.

      • Jimbo

        Thanks Dominic, will try to get an expert to help align. Would you know where i can buy a satellite finder and how much it would cost? Thanks again.

        • kiio

          if u can get old technosat decoder hook it up to the dish …it helps find the signals

          • Yes you can use the technosat T-888 FTA satellite decoder as a satellite finder

          • nyuks

            Hi Dominic, how can one access dvb channels in malindi?

      • Jimbo

        Hi Dominic, i connected it today to a dish already receiving dstv but still 60% intensity and zero signal quality. Any new pointers. Appreciate.

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    How long does it take to deliver the OpenBox V8 Combo Dvb-T2 Dvb-S2 decoder to Rwanda? and at how much. (what is the procedure for making payment) Thank you for your time and reply in advance. i will be waiting for a reply from you.

  • Gitore

    Hi. Is there a newer version of this open box v8 combo? If so, give us a review and probably how and where to get it? Ahsante!

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    which of these fta receiver would you recommend for use
    Alphabox x4
    openbox v8 pro
    gsky v6

  • Kevin Kweyu Nanzushi

    It looks like there isn’t any other combo decoder that beats Openbox. Is Justus still dealing?