The Nokia 1, Hmm


Specs that Matter


So the Nokia One is a 4.5″ smartphone with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. Them main camera is 5MP and the front camera is 2MP. The flash feature is only available for the back camera.

The battery is a removable 2150mAh lithium ion battery.


Every smartphone has a unique selling feature that attracts customers.  For example the Infinix Hot 6 Pro has a dual camera setup and the Tecno Camon X Pro has  a 24MP front camera. What does the Nokia 1 have? Exchangeable back covers? So how many back covers are there in the box? Only one! You have to buy the back covers yourself and exchange them anytime you want.  I do not know the price of the said back cover.

Build Quality

The overall build quality of the Nokia 1 is more than impressive. The accessories look and feel like they will last forever. The plastic back cover will surely protect the screen from accidental breakage in case the smartphone is dropped down.


The viewable screen area at the front seems too small when compared to the whole screen, I mean the bezels seem to be very big such that they isolate the actual screen like an island. For those wondering,  the screen is made of glass and not plastic.  The build quality is really good.

Interestingly enough,  the storage space is expandable to 128GB.  If you buy a Nokia 1 and then buy a 128GB SD card to expand it’s memory then you Sir/Madam require a medal of honour from HMD global.  They should even give you a tour of their factory.

The Price

Techarena reported that the Nokia 1 goes for Ksh9,500! In my opinion  those specifications are too low for that price. Here is the first comment he got on his article.


Do you agree with that comment?

The Nokia 1 is not a smartphone for users that have been using better smartphones for a couple of years. I mean if your smartphone has 2GB RAM or higher and or 16GB or higher, it is actually much better than the Nokia 1 and you will definitely despise the Nokia 1.

So who is the intended market? My answer is children that are in upper primary school or unashamed high school students.

Android Go

For quite an unusual and unwelcoming name, Android Go is the name of the software that runs on the Nokia 1. It’s based on the Android Oreo and is an Android One project.

Android one projects are usually entry level smart phones that come with stock Android operating system and are usually much cheaper smartphones compared to other smartphones currently in the market at the same time.

Android Go on the Nokia 1 comes with the basic google apps installed. So you won’t find the usual facebook and whatsapp applications installed.  Here is a screenshot of the out of box apps. That’s all the apps you will get. It is pretty much a Google affair here.

To check other features and the user interface of the Nokia 1, kindly check my video below.

So the Nokia 1 does not even come with the full YouTube application. What you will get is the YouTube Go app.  I guess it’s because it only has 8GB of storage.  But do not worry,  you can always upgrade it to 128GB.

So what are these software update screen shots for?  Well they did just and still pop up anytime while I was using the Nokia 1. It’s very irritating because one time I get a notification that an update is available and after downloading this error keeps popping up.