The Infinix Zero 4 Review


The Infinix Zero 4 was the last smartphone to be launched in 2016 by Infinix. It comes to fill the big space left by the sleek and impressive Infinix Zero 4 with its 20.7MP camera. The Infinix Zero 4, is it as impressive as they say it is? Lets find out.

Infinix Zero 4 Physical Features

The Infinix Zero 4 is a glass front touch screen with a metallic back cover and a shiny chrome bezel between the two. At the back there is a raised camera bump and a finger print scanner at the bottom. On the right of the speaker is the flash/LED flashlight and infra red sensor. There is a hole at the top of all that which I presume to be a mic for helping out with video shooting. It has to be a mic opening because the plastic phone cover also has a hole at the exact same position.


The power button has a rough texture while the volume rockers are smooth and easy to reach even in one hand mode. Since the back cover is non removable, the twin SIM tray is on top of the volume rocker while the SD card tray is on the opposite side.


The Off-screen navigation buttons only have dots instead of the traditional shapes(you know the circle, triangle and square). The one on the right is the back button while the left one is the multitasking key. So that leaves the centre button to take you to the home screen.


The apps list is in alphabetical order plus there is something added at the top. Its two rows of commonly used apps on the Infinix Zero 4. Checking mine you can see that I use the following apps the most. Its interesting that there are no games there at all.

The Camera

When it comes to Picture clarity and good cameras, the Zero series performs better than the others. The Infinix Zero 4 is no different. It has a 16MP main camera and an 8MP front camera, both with Flash.

Here is a shot with the main camera in low light. I liked the vivid contrast between the bright lamp posts and the dark trees and low light on the tarmac and how everything combines to bring out the image.


4X Clear Zoom

Here are two photos taken from the exact same position with the second one being in 4X Zoom Mode


This photo is as clear as the above photo taken on X1 zoom (without zoom).


The additional camera features are the delay capture, gesture shot, smile shot and voice capture.  The other additional feature that is particularly useful especially with video shooting is the level meter.

The Infinix Zero 4 does not shoot 4K videos like the Infinix Zero 3.

USB Port And OTG

The Infinix Zero 4 comes with a micro USB port at the bottom centre that is in between the speaker and microphone slots. I expected a USB Type C connector on the Zero but lets wait and see if it will come with the Zero 4 Plus. The port is an OTG enabled port which means that it can read and operate with various USB devices connected via an OTG cable. Examples of devices I have tried on the Zero 4 are a USB flash disk, mouse, keyboard and wireless dongle. They all work fine and I’m looking to try a gaming pad as well as a printer too.

The only thing I noticed that was different is the fact that the Flash disk storage does not appear in the File manager section. It appears in the storage and USB settings page which makes it difficult to transfer files between the phone memory/ SD card and the Flash disk. Reading the content is possible but copying and pasting files via the same method was much easier on the Infinix Zero 3.

Performance and heat Production

The zero 4 is powered by a 64 bit mediatek quad core processor running at 1.3ghz. To add to that, the Zero 4 has 3 GB RAM which helps the apps open faster and processes to run smoothly.

The heat produced is not alot. I know thats a relative sentence but to put it into a phrase that is understandable, you will not feel that heat after you place your phone in the pocket after some minutes of heavy gaming.

Battery Life And Charging

The Infinix Zero 4 has a 3200mAh battery that can last a little over 15 hours with moderate use. But if you are on your Zero 4 like me every chance you get, that time will be reduced to around 10 hours with a single charge during the day. 4G network drains the battery particularly fast and the amount of screen brightness and volume settings while gaming or watching videos also plays a role in reducing the batter time.

The charging part however is what is quite interesting because the Zero 4 is equipped with fast charging technology. this means that the time it takes to charge is much less and the talk time afterwards is even longer.  When ever you insert your charging cable and see the two lightning bolts at the top, you know that fast charging is working and within 20 min, the charge amount will be enough to last you the remainder of the day.