Ten Facts About Infinix Zero 3 That Will Blow Your Mind


The Infinix Zero 3 smartphone is 2016’s Infinixs flagship model. True to theire tagline “The future is now”, with the Infinix Zero 3 one feels like they are living in the future. The phone has some very cool features and in this review I will highlight ten features of the Infinix Zero 3 phone that are just mind boggling for a smartphone with that price tag. If you are not aware, Infinix lauched the Infinix Zero 3 in Kenya at the Hilton Hotel.

Lets get started

Screen and protection

The Infinix Zero 3 has a big 5.5 Inch Full HD 400ppi 1080P screen. Nothing says you are doing well financially than a big stylish phone. To top up the Full HD screen protection, a Corning Gorilla glass 3 is used. Its very smooth and scratch resistant. Whats more interesting is the clear wide view angle on this phone. Sometimes I felt like someone next to me can read what I am looking at on the Infinix Zero 3.


The major selling point of the Infinix Zero 3 is the  Sony 20.7MP back camera with Double LED Flash. The 20.7MP back camera produces very clear images that you can zoom in and see the smallest of details.  In picture mode the settings can be set to snap photos of 5MP, 8MP,13MP,16MP  up to the maximum of 20MP.


The same SONY IMX230 20.7MP camera is also used for

4K Video recording

The infinix Zero 3 is one of the only Infinix’s that can shoot 4K videos. A 4K video has picture quality  as 4 times full HD picture. If you have ever seen a full HD TV and was impressed by the picture quality, then know that there are 4K TVs coming into the market. These like I said before are 4 times Full HD.

So I shot some 4K as well as 1080P Full HD videos. I could playback 4K videos on my phone but not with the 4K clarity (because the screen is Full HD and not 4K). I tried to save 3gp files on a USB stick to playback on my TV but the 4K video didn’t work, only the sound was decoded but not the picture. That’s because I don’t own a 4K TV. I will test it on a 4K TV somewhere in a TV showroom  and report back. But the Full HD 1080p videos are something to write home about, very clear on a Full HDTV. I can’t imagine what the 4K video will look like on an OLED TV.

Selfie Camera

How many megapixels does your Front Camera have? Does it even have a Flash? If your answer is 2 and No then prepare to be amazed. That’s because the Infinix Zero 3 has a 5MP front camera with Flash.  With Beauty, Normal and PIP (Picture in Picture) photo modes this is definitely the official selfie phone.


At the core of the Infinix Zero is a 2.1Ghz octacore 64 bit Mediatek processor.

With 4G enabled, the internet speeds are sure to be faster than 3G. On top of that continue reading for the processor and RAM specs and find out why this phone will be even much faster.


XUI is Infinix’s operating system designed on the Android 5.1 Operating System. It has some very cool features like

  • Ability to change the Font
  • System Manager, this is like the control panel that includes Call Blacklist to App management and Mobile cleanup
  • Magazine screen lock that gives you a motivational quote every time you wake the screen up. Did you know that the average person looks at their smartphone 200 times a day. With the Infinix Zero 3, you will be 200 times more motivated in your day.
  • System Manager
  • Easy screenshot from slide down menu
  • X Contacts
  • Xender for sending large files to other smartphones
  • Pre-installed Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Opera Mini and WPS Office

3 GB RAM/ 16GB Storage

This much RAM makes sure that there are no freezes or time delays in processing and is perfect for High graphics gaming.

Free Rubber back cover

Who doesn’t love one more free thing which in this case makes the Infinix Zero 3 even more classy.

3 PIN/2 PIN charger connector

No more struggling t fit your charger in that socket outlet because you have a choice of 2 or 3 pin connector that easily clips onto the charger.  The Infinix Zero 3 has a 3030mAh battery that is sure to get you through a full day.

Smart power management:-

Acccording to your usage the Smart power management feature will go from High performance, Normal Mode, Power saving and Ultra power saving mode to ensure your battery lasts longer.

Price and availability

Update. The Zero 3 is no longer available for purchase.

The Infinix will be available on Jumia for Ksh18,499. The headset is not available (if you didn’t watch the un-boxing video) but don’t let that stop you from owning one.


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