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The reviews done here are done in a honest and unbiased enviroment. The purpose of these reviews is first of all to highlight the key featutes of a product and to give guidance to future customers on how to safely use the product. (if they buy or already own it). The reviews also touch on ease of use, reliability, durability and most importantly Quality.

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Gotv decoder review

Gotv decoder review and bad Gotv Kenya customer service

The decoder to be reviewed here is a DTD 2 U-A Decoder that comes from South Africa. The decoder is black in colour and very stylish with a mix of reflective and somehow rough non reflective plastic. Why does this decoder have an unusable smart card slot? Its very light and its quite shocking that this decoder was not fastened by screws. Only a number of clips and the warranty seal held the top cover from the bottom part

The technosat T-888 satellite decoder

The best satellite receiver for a newbie T-888

If you are new to the free to air world for business then this is the best decoder for you. The Technosat T-888 satellite decoder. It is cheap, hardcore with an easy to use remote control and the buzzing feature that is...

Astrovox VSR 9000 HD PVR free to air satellite Decoder

The Astrovox VSR 9000 HD PVR Review

It has a very long remote control with buttons like Media, Time shift and Weather that would require getting used to. But checking it again I could recognize the usual buttons like EPG, Language, Audio Subtitles and Record button which are very common with most free to air satellite decoders.
At the back it has all the usual Suspects LNB IN and LNB out, SCART connector which is rarely used these days, Normal RCA connectors plus The HDMI port, an RS232 Port and a VGA connector too..

The New Kanon KN-193UR Radio

The New Kanon KN-193UR Radio, Torch and MP3 Player

This small radio is one of the best manufactured I have ever come across; you can tell from the image that it’s not new and that is the point. It is in very good shape after being used for a couple of years. Most Portable radio’s handles break during the first three months or so (after the aerial breaks). But not this one this small radio has a wide base of approximately 2X4 Inches. It is also very short so the centre of gravity is also low. The New Kanon KN-193UR does not tip and fall easily like other tall and narrow portable radios.

By Rae Whitlock from Columbus, OH, USA (Fox News stand) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

International News TV on Free to Air Satellite in Africa

The following is a list of international News TV stations available in Kenya on free to air satellite. You require a free to air satellite decoder preferably a HD MPEG4 receiver and a satellite dish in order to view these channels..