Geniatech Android DVBT2 TV Tuner

Geniatech Android DVBT2 TV Tuner, Free Digital TV On Your Phone


Ever wish you could watch Free TV on your phone forever and from anywhere? I know I have and recently I found the perfect solution to my problem. After months of research and watching YouTube videos, I found the right product. The Geniatech Android DVBT2 TV tuner. This is an external TV that you hook to your existing micro USB port on your android phone. The Geniatech android DVBT2 TV tuner uses your phone screen as the display.

Watch Free To Air Digital Channels

The Pad TV PT360 (another name) lets you watch Free To Air TV channels on your Android smartphone from anywhere provided there is a good signal. The manufacturer says its also very sensitive to weak signals and that is why I am talking about this specific product here.

No internet connection is required therefore your bundles are safe. You can even put your phone in Flight mode and normal TV reception will still go on uninterrupted. So No 4G/3G or the dreary 2G Network is required at all, as a matter of fact Pad TV does not need any SIM card.

Geniatech Android DVBT2 TV Tuner Features

  • Watch live Free To Air Television and change channels
  • Record FTA TV shows and store in your mobile device
  • Rewind and Fast Forward live TV shows with Time shifting recording
  • Playback your recorded TV shows
  • View EPG (Electronic Program Guide) ┬áto check for TV Program Guide
  • Highly sensitive tuner under low signal broadcasting area

System Requirements

Close up Photo of Pad TV with Antenna Connected

Geniatech Android DVBT2 TV Tuner

Watch the Video Demo

I will be importing mine in the coming days fully confident that it will work. I have already confirmed that my phone supports OTG so the only thing remaining is to find a good place to order. I’m torn between Aliexpress or Amazon. Once it arrives I will do a full review here. And I ┬áhope it will work well in a moving vehicle.

How much would you pay for this product if it were available in your locality? Share your thought on the comments section below.

  • tito musungu

    hello so how much would it go for I’m located around usiu reach me on 0700210239

    • I will contact you soon.

      • Ice

        i need one

        what is the total cost of importing one

        • Elijah Kamau

          Just $22.91 from Aliexpress with free shipping.

  • Paul Mwago

    A toast Techsawa.!Always informing us of the latest gadgetry. Looks really nice. Im really looking forward to it. About paying I would pay a maximum of Ksh 5000. I havent checked even Amazon price. What’s the asking price Im really curious.

  • David W Waweru

    I need one.

  • Thanks for your comments. Once I import a sample piece and all goes well, I will order more for everyone.

  • John Ochieng

    Dope stuff there. By the way i saw it first on before visiting your site. Really love your articles…

  • Oscar Njuho

    a tv one goes for 3400…so for phone i can buy it for 2500 kshs

  • Angad

    Hi. V have launched TV ON GO dongle for Andriod phones and router for Anroid and IOS phones and devices. It has been launched in India, Spain and very soon in Kenya and Nigeria. I was able to view 126 free to air channels on the dongle on my samsung in Kenya. In India, the router will be placed in all public transport for travelers to view FTA channels and listen to Free Radio.
    POC (proof of concept) is there for the mentioned countries and samples are available.
    You may contact for more info.

    • This sounds interesting Angad, please give us more details.

  • Elijah Kamau

    I bought this mygica pt360 from Aliexpress for $22.91 and its working not only in Nairobi but even in my village where tv signals are very poor.