TECNO Spot Forum For All Your TECNO Related Concerns


Did you know that smartphone manufacturer Tecno has a Forum? Well now you know, its called the Tecno Spot Forum and you can find it here http://bbs.tecno-mobile.com/. The Tecno Spot Forum is a place where users from different countries can share with each other their experiences with Tecno devices as well as get help from Techsavvy Tecno users.

If you own a Tecno Phone, you probably know what Carlcare is, its the official Tecno phone service centre and you may even have an app on your phone showing where all the service centres are located. For small Tecno issues you do not need to go to Carlcare, as you can post your query on the Tecno Spot Forum for help. Leave Carlcare for much bigger problems.

The Tecno Spot Forum is also a great place to find out what Tecno is cooking for upcoming models as well as Software versions. For example if you visit the forum right now you will see a menu item named HiOS. With the initials OS at the end, we can guess that its a non released software patch, tweaked android version or a software update. Lets wait and see what HiOS is.

How the Forum works

First you have to register, then post a question and the experienced guys who are Tecno enthusiasts will answer you and before you even know it, your problem will be solved. The opposite is also true, you can also help by answering questions posted by other users. Did I mention that you can win a Tecno C8 by registering.

As of right now the Tecno Spot Forum has 237 Topics, 683 Posts and 483 Members with 325 of them being active Members.

What kind of content can users post?

  • Questions

Consumer questions (I mean a lot of questions) are why forums exist on the world wide web. Tecno Spot Forum has a lot of questions related to Tecno Products from Smartphones (and their prices) to Software Issues.

  • Bragging Rights

Obviously done by Tecno lovers telling the world why they should own a Tecno Phone. Reasons Why Phantom 5 Is A Killer Smartphone is one such post by Sarah Osano from Kenya.

  • How To Do Something

Tutorials are usually done by techsavvy guys who notice a problem, solve it and post the method of solving that particular problem. For example Bust Scam showed us How To Broadcast Your Video Live Via Your Android Phone

  • IMO (In my Opinion) Posts

These are posts about honest opinions about Tecno related stuff. List of best strategy games on Camon C8 by Oladipupo22, another Nigerian is such an example.


As always Nigerians are ahead of Kenya with a total of 132 Topics as opposed to Kenyas 41. That’s why we as Kenyans need to register and prove that we are the Power Tech house of Africa.

Here is a direct link to the registration page. You could be the lucky winner of a Tecno C8, just make sure you participate in other peoples topics.