The TECNO PhonePad 3 Full Review


I had the chance of using the Tecno Phone Tab 3 for quite a few weeks now and here is my review. To prevent it from being very long I will primarily focus on the specs and biz side pf the review and I will do another review purely on the entertainment aspect of the Tecno PhonePad 3.

The PhonePad 3 is a 7 inch tablet from Tecno, its in between a smartphone and a Tablet. Remember the Droidpad 8, well the  PhonePad is smaller in size.

Under the Hood

Powered by a 1.3GHz (64 bit) quad core processor with the help of 2 Gigabytes of RAM, the Tecno PhonePad is a fast device capable of handling day to day tasks easily and efficiently.

Just like any other Tecno device coming out this year, the PhonePad 3 runs on HiOS which is based on the 6.0 Android operating system Marshmallow.

The internal storage is 16GB although only 8GB is left for the user it is always a good idea to have an SD card.

Here is a screenshot of the user interface with apps


Newly Added Feature

Up to this point I have never seen a fingerprint scanner on a tablet before. While Unboxing the PhonePad 3 I expected it to be at the back, it wasnt. Its nicely mounted on the right side of the device on a depression below the power button. Its an oval shaped sensor silver in colour and can do quite a number of functions.  Apart from unlocking the device, the fingerprint scanner can take photos, accept calls and be used as a scrolling device.


A long press on the fingerprint scanner can also initiate phone recording during a call. And remember the scrolling feature I mentioned above? Well any finger can be used to scroll, but for security and camera, only the scanned fingerprints will work. Because of the size of the PhonePad, I manged to scan my left middle finger as well as my right first right hand finger for comfort unlocking.

The Biz Assistant Folder

The Tecno PhonePad 3 is built as the ultimate office assistant and so its no surprise that the Biz Assistant apps have been added to help with office work on the go. To start with the 7 Inch display size makes sure that the keyboard letters are well spaced for fast and error free typing.

The Biz Assistants are:-


  • WPS Office for reading and editing (where applicable) any text and spreadsheet documents. The Free installed PDF viewer also comes in handy for reading books and scrutinizing documents.
  • NoteBook for tajing notes on the go. Who said you must have a pen and paper for that.
  • CamCard which is a business card organiser app. with CamCard you can exchange electronic business cards as well as manage them with the sole purpose of growing your business network.
  • Email app. If you have used Microsoft Outlook then this is a similar app.
  • Xender, the fastest file sharing app among other apps


Camera and Related Apps

The Main camera on the Phone pad 3 is a whooping 13MP. This is strange because as is the norm with Tablets, the camera specs are usually low because not many folks use tablets for taking photos.

The front camera also is generous in the megapixels real estate because it is equipped with 5. I mean to say 5MP in short.

A big camera and full HD display is usually a good combination but the 720 display on the device works too.

The other apps using the camera are

  • Cam Scanner; a document scanning app. it takes photos and converts them to pdf format.
  • Small Mirror: basically a “mirror app” that utilises the front camera for purposes of checking your face. The ladies would really like this feature.


The Tecno PhonePad 3 can be viewed as the office assistant coupled up as an entertainment device too. The smart flip cover makes sure that the Tecno PhonePad 3 stays stylish as well as prevent breakage from accidental drops.  The PhonePad 3 Biz Assistant apps really help in starting (or finishing up) office work. The CamScanner app was of a lot of help to me.

As a gaming device, the PhonePad 3 with its big screen really helps in enjoying game-play. I don’t know why but I enjoyed playing games without the Flip cover. It made the device more solid in my hands for precise movement control.

The only shortcomings I can point out are the flip cover dust issue as well as the easily scratched window on the cover too.  I also noticed that the screen can easily get scratches since its not made of glass but plastic.

I will be doing an entertainment review of the Tecno PhonePad 3 very soon. Keep it here