The Tecno Camon CX Vs. OPPO F3, Camera Smartphone Battle


The OPPO F3 smartphone has come to destabilize the camera smartphone market in Kenya and Africa as well. Who esle should be worried? Who else sells smartphones precisely for their big camera specifications? None other than the Tecno Camon Series. So who will win in a head to head battle of the two smartphones? Lets find out.

Physical features

What similarities can you spot in the following images?

  • They both have a smooth metallic finish at the back.
  • There is an aesthetics line just above the place where the edges start curving.
  • The cameras are on the same  side.
  • Those writings at the bottom. ( I wish every manufacturer could remove those).
  • And obviously the branding at the back. Otherwise how would you know which device is the OPPO F3 and which one is the Tecno Camon CX.


What about the notable differences?

  • The volume rocker and power button are on one side n the CX. The power button is on the opposite side in the F3.
  • The CX has a a bigger flash than the F3.
  • If you squint really hard, you will see that the headphone jack is at the bottom in the F3. On the CX its at the top.


Main Camera

The Cameras n the Tecno Camn CX as well as the OPPO F3 are on the same side at the back but with different type of flash. The OPPO F3 has a one LED flash while the Tecno Camon CX has a concentric ring of Flash LED’s that are brighter. Both cameras are 16MP and both can record a video quality of 1080p. You will also notice that the CX has a fingerprint scanner at the back.


Front Camera

The Front Camera on the two devices are different. Although they are all 16MP, the OPPO F3 has two cameras instead of one and CX on the other hand has one centrally placed Camera.


All  devices have Flash but its also different this time round too. The Tecno Camon CX has Dual LED flash, while the OPPO F3 has a single Flash LED.

Price and Availability

The OPPO F3 goes for Ksh33,000 while the Tecno Camon CX goes for Ksh17,000. That is a big difference, the OPPO F3 is almost double the price of the Camon CX.  In fact its a difference of Ksh16,000. What ere your thoughts on price?

I have used both devices and I can say that whatever they say their cameras do, it does so exceptionally well.


When it comes to cameras, I will rate that both are on the same level. Both excel at taking good photos and videos too.

Specifications are very different and here I will give a point to OPPO for having 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. This is compared to 2GB RAM/16GB RAM on the Camon CX.

The overall user interface friendliness and ease of operability goes to the CX. The F3 needs getting used to and finding useful hidden features under layers of settings.

The winner here is automatically the Tecno Camon CX. First of all because its cheaper and can take photos as well as the OPPO F3. The battery can last a full day and it comes with a very good pair of earphones.

Alot of future buyers will be biased against the OPPO solely because of its high price. That is why the posts like “Top 10 phones under 20K in Kenya” are doing so well.

When it comes to understanding the African market and it’s needs, Tecno Mobile is doing a good job. This one again goes to the Camon CX.