The Tecno Camon CX Camera Review, 16MP Front Camera!!


With the Tecno Camon CX having a 16MP back camera as well as a 16MP front Camera, the photos this smartphone can snap should be of the highest quality plus.

What other new technology does the Camon CX have when it comes to taking photos? I am here to discuss that in detail.

On the first look (check the featured image) you will notice that there are two front LED flash lights.  On the backside on the image below,  the camera is on the toilet side with the LED flash lights arranged in a concentric manner.  So the Tecno Canon CX has not one,  not two but several flash lights!



The High Dynamic Range feature on the Camon CX enables the taking of several pictures in different light exposure and combine the images into one. The Camon CX does this all in a few seconds to produce the image.

HDR is the contrast ratio between the brightly lit areas and the area with much less light as compared to the bright areas.

This is a photo taken using the back camera with HDR off.  It’s good looking, isn’t it?


Now here is another image I took of the same subject but with HDR On. Notice how the dim areas in the first photo have been changed to have more light? The colours have been washed out too.

This does not mean that HDR washes out photos. In fact it was wrong to take this photo using HDR.


The best scenarios to turn on HDR on the Camon CX are outdoors landscape areas where the contrast of the bright sky and dark ground surface may produce a bad image that is too dark in one area and too bright in the other.

Another example is taking photos of buildings at night. The bright windows and street lights will dominate the dark sky, the road surface and any shadows on the road.

I also learnt that it’s very important to keep the Camon CX very still when taking HDR photos because any movement will produce blurry images. Capturing moving objects like people,  cars or even shaking leaves in the wind will also produce blurry images.

This is because the Canon CX takes a number of images and combines them into a final image.

Here are two other images, the first one taken without HDR and the second taken using HDR.  I took them at around 6am in the morning.




The focus on the Camon CX smartphone is excellent. Just touching the object you want to focus will bring it out clearly. Here are two photos to prove that the focus is indeed good. The first photo has the focus on the front object while the background is blurry. The second photo blurs the front object to bring out a much clearer background.


Focus on background image.



The front camera is also 16MP and to top up to that it has dual LED flash on the side.  The camera is located at the centre for better positioned selfies. The front camera cannot utilise HDR.

Here is a selfie


Thanks for reading.