The Tecno Camon CM, What’s All The Hype About


What is all the hype surrounding the new smartphone from Tecno? The Tecno Camon CM to be precise. Is it because it’s the first smartphone from Tecno to have a Full screen?  In this post I will go through all the cool features of the Technology Camon CM and maybe a not so cool feature, if I find it by the end of writing this post.

The Tecno Camon CM is the successor to the Tecno Camon CX that came out last year. It continues the Camera series of smartphonees from Tecno,  the Camon series.

Before you continue reading, check out my quick unboxing video

Back to the hype story

Full Display

By now you’ve heard of the phrase Cmore or come across the hashtah #CMore on twitter. That’s a short and fun way of pronouncing See more. The phrase see more comes about because the Tecno Camon CM has a Full Display.  The Camon CM has an 18: 9 bezel-less frame design which means that much of the front of the smartphone is the actual screen as compared to the bezels.

The display size is 5.7 inches with an resolution of 1440*720 . Perfect for video watching as well as gaming.

Dust Proof Phone Case


The Camon CM comes with a free phone case that doubles up as a dust protector for the micro USB port and the headset connector.

So if your micro USB port is a dusty and debris mess then it’s time to upgrade to the new Tecno Camon CM. Now this is a Phone case to love.


Big Camera Specs

At the back of the Tecno Camon CM is a 13MP camera. What about the front? At the Front the Camon CM has a 13MP camera as well.

The era of 2MP and 5MP front cameras is over. Nowadays the trend is to have better front cameras than back cameras. But the Tecno Camon CM bridges that gap by having equal camera specifications for the front and back cameras.

At the front the camera is supplemented with one flash while at the back there are 4 LED lights for even brighter pictures at night.  I will have to do a Tecno Camon CM video shoot samples to  test these features. So come back here for more.

Finger Print Scanner


At the back centre the Camon CM comes with a fingerprint scanner which has a number of functions. While unlocking is obvious, the other functions of the fingerprint scanner are to take selfies, accept calls and access app-lock.

Check out a short twitter video I did while setting up my fingerprint.

4G Enabled

With a 4G SIM faster internet speeds ca be enjoyed on the Tecno Camon CM. If you checked my unboxing video above you would see that the CM ia also a dual SIM smartphone with all the SIM slots and SD card slot located on the same tray. The back cover is non removable.

Tecno Camon CM Specifications

16GB Storage


1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor

5.7-inch display size

1440 X 720 resolution

3000 mAh Battery

Other Features

-Full screen enable/disable feature (See it in action)

OTG Support

-Hotspot enabled

-Comes with Boomplayer

-Printing enabled

-Micro intelligence enabled

The Tecno Camon CM retails for Ksh16,999/- in Kenya. Compare the different prices of the Tecno Camon CM.

Full review coming soon.

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