Mr. Felix Kimanzi Mutisya, the best experienced LG Mobile phone technician in Nairobi Kenya

Simple problems that should not stress you about your android phone


Advice from an LG Mobile Communications Technician

Today I met up with one of Kenya’s best Mobile phone Technicians. His name Felix Kimanzi Mutisya and he works at LG customer service centre at Luthuli Avenue. You can reach him through SMS, Whatsapp or Calling on 0729497712.During his time at the LG Direct Service centre along Ngong road and at the current place he has encountered a myriad of problems and the following are the simple problems that should not stress you about your android phone. In his words a customer should not waste his/her time and money taking an android phone for repair. Although the advice is related to LG Smartphone’s, it applies to all android phones regardless of the manufacturer.

From here onwards this is Felix speaking:-

Here are the most common problems and their solutions.

  1. Cannot end a call

Have you ever encountered a person who tells you to end the call after a conversation? Or maybe a friend who complains that he/she cannot end a call after a conversation? This problem is usually caused by an ageing or badly installed screen guard. The screen guard interferes with the proximity sensor usually near the speaker at the top of your phone. Dust affects the screen guard and in turn the screen guard “fools” to the proximity sensor that the phone is still near your head during a conversation. The proximity sensor disables the display and without the display, you cannot end a call.

So if you encounter this problem, the first thing you should do is replace your screen guard. Though you should get a qualified technician like Kimanzi to do it for you.

  1. Overheating

Overheating smart phones are caused by a strained microprocessor because of running too many applications at the same time. This strain on the microprocessor also demands more battery power. A lot of current being drawn from the battery also causes the battery to become hot. So the solution is very simple first upgrade the software to the latest version. When using your smart phone, do not run too many applications at the same time. Go to settings >>> Applications >>> Running services. Here you will see a list of running applications. If they are too many then try and uninstall some unused apps.

  1. Smartphone hanging a lot

This problem is caused by having a lot of Apps with limited space as per type and model of phone. Please refer to user manual, the Internal Memory of your phone. Or simply do this, go to Settings >>> Storage. The solution to hanging phones is uninstalling any unused apps. This is how you uninstall apps in your android phone. Go to Settings >>> Applications >>> Manage applications. Click on any app and proceed to uninstall it. Still this also depend on software version on our phone, upgrade it to the latest version

  1. Is there any need for an antivirus in Android devices?

Do not install any type of antivirus you find online apart from McAfee. Some people also install more than one antivirus software on their android devices. This will only crash your android Smartphone. One McAfee antivirus is enough.

  1. Battery and charging problems

First of all if your battery is retaining charge for long periods of time, then give your Smartphone a rest, you can live without it. Get a life; it’s not a must you listen to the music or radio for long periods of time. Call your friends instead of using Whatsapp, it’s a waste of time and battery juice for the same exact message you want to put across.

Depending on type of charger you have, the charging period will vary. The time it takes to charge using a USB cable on your computer is not the same as using your original Travel charger. It also takes more time to charge your phone using your car charger.

Replace your damaged LG charger with an original and not those fake Ksh100 bob chargers from hawkers. The current rating is what matters a lot. For example a 5Volts 2.5Amperes charger will charge faster than a 5Volts 0.85Amperes charger.