I’m Impressed by the Nokia 6.1


I have not reviewed a Nokia Device for a very long time and the first device I got was a Nokia 1 which I didn’t like at all. But the Nokia 6 smartphone really impressed me, I could go on and on about this device but I promised that I will keep it short.

The Nokia 6 runs on the Android One flavour of Android Oreo operating system. It has 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. Check the user unterface in the screen recording video below.

As always the accessories are built to last, especially the USB cable. It is a type C USB cable so not many people will borrow it for now.  The other accessories included in the box are the earphones, SIM ejector tool and the Charger. No phone case is provided.


The Nokia 6 has a 5.5 inch screen with a full HD 1080p display. When watching videos what  is truly remarkable is the black display on dark scenes. The blacks are black and not some grey shade. Here is proof.


So the screen is not a full display screen like the trend nowadays but the black bezels really hide that.



The back camera is 16MP while the front is 8MP.  The back camera Cam shoot videos up to 4K resolution and they are so clear on a UHD TV.  The final file is very huge because there is usually no compression whatsoever while recording.  For example I shot a 4 minute video and the end result was 1.7GB of video.

The auto focus is so fast that the change of scenery from a dark to lit area does not have so much lag.

Taking pictures on a HD screen is so satisfying, just tap, it focuses and then snap the photo.


The dual camera setup and PIP modes are also features that instagrammers would love. With this feature it’s possible to take pictures and also shoot videos with both the rear and front camera working at the same time.

The dual camera setup splits the video down the middle and the Picture in Picture mode has a smaller screen inside the larger screen. This makes it possible for your views to see your face as well as what you are shooting with the rear camera.

Here is the video version.

For both modes it is possible to toggle between camera views.

Charging and battery life

The charging is slow and you definitely will need to charge it at least twice in a day. I did. One charging session at lunchtime and the other one at night while going to sleep.

The battery is 3000mAh and like I mentioned above, the charging port is type C.


Some Improvements

So these are my suggestions on ways the Nokia 6could be improved.

  1. The smartphone really felt boxy with the edges all up in your fingers and palm.  Adding some curves to the smartphone could improve on the overall ergonomic of the Nokia 6.
  2. The Nokia 6 is too smooth for comfort. The smartphone really didn’t want to stay in my palms and kept slipping. To mitigate this I has to firmly hold the device.  And then I will return you to number 1.

I think a simple phone case could have solved both these problems.  But it is not included in the device accessories. Note that the problems I have mentioned are physical attributes of the Nokia 6 and not the software. It’s very funny because for a long time the Nokia brand has been known for its superiority in hardware.


I recommend the Nokia 6. The price is fair  for those specs and if you find one,  then buy it together with a phone case.

The price is Ksh25,000 in Kenya or an equivalent of USD250/