Next TECNO’s CAMON might not look anything like this but we can still dream


The rumour mills have started to buzz again and this time, Africa’s smartphone giant TECNO Mobile is the brand on the lips of every rumour monger. Reports suggest that the smartphone powerhouse is working towards launching yet another device from its CAMON series at a global spring launch which is slated to take place in Nigeria’s city of excellence Lagos, sometime in April.

Reports suggest that, the smartphone is SET to disrupt the smartphone ecosystem in Africa- so I guess it surely deserves such a global launch platform.


The next TECNO CAMON smartphone, which we hear may come in two VARIANTs just like the Phantom 6 and 6 Plus, has been HAILED by several rumour sources to sport not only a smartphone camera feature that would be the first in Africa but also parade a unique feature that a TECNO smartphone has never exhibited before- this is already getting me excited.

With TECNO’s reputation in the smartphone space for some years now, I totally wouldn’t disagree with this claim because, of recent, TECNO CAMON flagships have not only been awesome, but they have totally changed people’s perception about smartphone cameras in recent times. People’s acceptance and belief in the smartphone camera technology has increased over the years and this feat is unarguably attributed to TECNO Mobile since the launch of its CAMON series.

I don’t know where these rumour mongers get their news and images from but going by the images and information we are getting so far, the next TECNO CAMON might look like this:


However, let me clearly state that as of today, we cannot categorically confirm that all the images circulating both online and offline are 100% correct, but who are we to judge?

TECNO Mobile might just decide to give its budding customers and the world at large a smartphone with a transparent aesthetics, a camera that can perform an X-ray scan or a smartphone with a RAM that is larger than any computer, who knows? What we can do however, is to simply wait and see what our favourite smartphone brand TECNO has in store for us.


Meanwhile, like I earlier stated, rumour has it that the next CAMON smartphone (we do not know the name at the moment) will come with the largest selfie camera mega pixels ever seen in Africa. And, we also hear that the device will stomach/come packing several special features which may include a facial recognition security scanner, a large internal storage space (probably, the largest ever seen on a smartphone) and a sleek design.

Will the next Tecno Camon have a 60MP Camera?