KRA in conjunction with BAKE hold training on iTax


The Kenya Revenue Authority in conjunction with BAKE (Bloggers association of Kenya) yesterday held a training session at the Nailab to highlight the iTax portal. Itax which is dubbed as being simple swift and secure is web application that provides fully integrated & automated solutions for administration of domestic taxes. On the panel discussing iTax  from the Kenya Revenue Authority were David Mutoro, Kenneth Ruttoh, Vivian, Dave Mukabi, and Nicolas.  iTax makes it easy for taxpayers to comply simply by using a computer instead of queuing at any KRA office plus it reduces the time it takes to deal with the KRA.

One thing that was made clear at the start of the presentation is that you need to be a registered taxpayer in order to use the iTax system. If you are not a registered taxpayer then visit the KRA website and get a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Make sure you use your own email address when doing so because that’s where the KRA portal will send you important details. If you have a friend who is not computer literate try and discourage them from going to the cyber cafes because they use one email address for many clents. They literary hold you hostage for any updates or changes you make on the portal. If a cyber café is the only solution, make sure that an email account is created first before accessing the KRA portal.

If you have your PIN then you need to update it on the iTax system. Its the first thing you will notice when you access the iTax website as my tweet proves.


There are a number of ways of accessing the iTax portal, first by visiting the KRA website where there is a link to the iTax portal or visiting the portal directly from If all fails they try searching the phrase iTax from a search engine like google. Use July 1st as your date of birth if your ID does not have one.

From the event I learnt that all of the problems faces by taxpayers on the KRA online portal is due  entering bad information. Always double check your email address and if you have changed your National Identification name, then contact the KRA personally before entering any information. Blogging as a profession was also mentioned at the training session and bloggers encouraged to pay taxes from the money they make online.

Like Hapa Kenya tweeted, KRA needs to humanise their brand as its true that a majority of Kenyans only hear KRA when the deadline is near.

Talking of deadlines, June 30th is the deadline for filing your tax returns for the year 2014. Regarding refunds the KRA team also made clear that they are in the business of collecting money not giving away the same. But if they receive money from treasury –  they will refund your money. It takes time for treasury to allocate money to KRA and that’s why it takes a lot time to refund money.

Finally if you have any questons use the contacts below