The New Infinix S2 Will Be Introduced To The Kenyan Market This April


How many Infinix Series of smartphones do you know? Maybe the Hot series, Zero series, and the most popular Note Series due to their big battery capacity.

Well Infinix is launching the Infinix S2 smartphone in a few days (on the 10th of April to be precise).


The price has not be officially announced but I expect it to be  between the range of the Infinix Hot 4 and Infinix Hot S. Probably around Ksh12,000.

More Leaked Photos Of The Infinix S2


From the photo above we can see that the Infinix S2 will definitely have two front cameras. And what is wefie?

So if you take a photo of yourself using a smartphone, its called a selfie? What if you are a group of guys trying to take a selfie? Is that a Wefie? That is at least what I think because of the group beautification feature.

Maybe that is why Infinix has the Hashtag #Selfie2Wefie both on Facebook and Twitter

As for the size, it will be a 5.2 Inch display which is a 0.1 inch smaller than its predecessor, the Infinix Hot S.  In a market dominated by 5.5 inch screen display sizes, it will be quite interesting to see how the smaller screen size of the Infinix S2 will compete.



I guess the navigation on the Infinix S2 may feature off screen printed navigation buttons. The Infinix S2 may also look a lot like the Infinix Hot S. Will have a centrally located camera and finger print scanner too? What about a removable battery?

Expected Features

The trend with new Infinix smartphones has been coming up with better front cameras and adding a finger print scanner at the back.

As for the physical features of the Infinix S2, I expect a non removable battery with a smooth metallic back cover.

As for the accessories lets hope Infinix will be generous enough to give us a screen protector and a flip cover.

Ellyowange on the Infinix forum says that the Infinix S2 will come with a dual front camera setup 13MP + 8MP, 16MP back camera, 2GB Ram and other upgrades. Lets wait and see if he is right.

What are your thoughts on the Infinix S2?