16 reasons to get Infinix Hot Note from Jumia mobile week


Just in case you thought the Infinix X507 is HOT, think again here is the very very hot Infinix Hot Note X551 from Jumia. The Infinix Hot Note is Infinix’s new flagship device, and clearly a big leap from the Chinese OEM into Kenya’s niche, nascent and underserved phablets market currently run by Samsung on the high-end and Tecno in the mid-tier. With a classy conservative build, look and feel, bearable low-range specs, intimidating screen, turbo charging capability, dual-SIM and budget pricing, the Infinix Hot note is assuringly throwing down the gauntlet.

A Tale of Two Hotties

No doubt, the Hot Note’s not-so-distant cousin, the Infinix Hot, is welcoming to a wider array of palms than the intimidating Hot Note, but the Hot Note is certainly more welcoming to the eyes. Here are the two hotties next to each other. Notice that the Hot note on the left is bigger than its cousin and also more stylish.


The 5″ Infinix X507 is going for Kshs.7,799 with a 1GB Ram, QuadCore processor, 16GB Ram and 1.4Ghz processor speed.

Once you get past the extra display real-estate and the beauty of the Hot Note, there isn’t a lot to tell about the difference between the Infinix Hot Note X551 and the older Infinix Hot X507.

The phone does come with a few unique features, but, plain and simple, Hot Note is basically Infinix Hot on growth serum. Bigger screen, bigger battery and few other bigger features we will discover together as you read.

The Bigger features

The phone’s 5.5 inch screen is unfailingly the star of this offering. The display has a pixel density of 267 pixels per inch (PPI) on a 720×1280 pixel resolution. Tight enough to render HD YouTube videos spread out on the screen very clearly, its like watching HD channels on a 42 Inch but nearer to your face. More on the number 16 as you continue to read.

The hot note has two micro SIM slots at the back and a non removable 4000mAh battery. The back cover is so flexible that I could curve it into a C shape without breaking it.

All White Everything

The accessories in the box remind me of that song by Young Jeezy, All white everything. The charger itself is white, the USB cable and the earphones as well are white. The box containing the accessories is also white.


The next logical thing to do was download the Sound-cloud app and stream that catchy song all white everything. Well everything is white except the phablet. The Infinix Hot Note that I have right now has a colour known as copper brown, what a sophisticated name! The Infinix Hot Note is also available in mint green, anthracite grey and champagne gold colour variants.


holding-infinix-hot-note infinix-hot-note-x551-side-view hot-note-front

8 Plus 2

The Hot Note has a staggering 8MP main camera with flash and a front 2MP camera. Due to its big size and strategically placed main 8MP camera, its actually quite easy to hold the phone while taking photos. The same goes for selfies. For that price and those megapixels, that is a very good deal unless you are a professional photographer. Whats more is that the LED Flash can also be used as a Flashlight by the Torch Light app. Interestingly though the same app on the Infinix hot is known as Torch, I guess they appended the light to fit the bigger screen. The all white everything accessories photo above was taken using the Infinix Hot note X551 and the photos of me holding the hot note itself were taken using the Infinix hot X507.

Don’t believe that the Hot Notes camera is hot? Here is a photo that I took from the second floor


Dabo tap

A feature that is missing on the Infinix Hot works well on the Hot Note. I can bring to life the phone simply by double tapping anywhere on the blank screen. Whats more is that you can say goodbye to butt dialing because the Hot Note has a proximity sensor that locks the phone if it senses that something is blocking it for quite a considerable amount of time. So you wont be dialing anyone by mistake or realize something hot in your pocket only to realize that all apps are running, initiated by your butt.

Just holding my hand on top of the sensor gives the following result.


Speaking of temparatures:-

How is the performance

Both Hot and Hot Note sport a 1GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. But things charged up  the processor department. Beating at the heart of the Hot Note is a Mediatek 1.4Ghz Octa Core processor with a Mali 450 GPU. The octacore processor is what I believe makes the Infinix Hot note boot faster, its like a feature phone which can start making calls as soon as its turned on. With 16GB of internal storage who needs an external memory card? I have problems filing my 2GB capacity with music, what will I do with 16 GB. 16 GB is what inspired the title 16, so don’t say you do not see all the reasons promised. Maybe when I fill it I with whatsapp videos from my family and friends, I will need to buy an external 32GB microSD which is what the Hot Note can accommodate.



For a price tag of Ksh10,899 this is the best deal you can get your hands on this Jumia mobile week megathon. I mean the phone can boot up in 8 seconds and has a super fast charging non removable battery that can last 1.5 days after only 55 minutes of charging. The 8MP camera as you saw earlier can snap some really cool pics. The Hot note comes with some pre-installed apps like twitter, Facebook, whatsapp, YouTube, Google plus, opera mini and not forgetting Jumia.