Here is why Kenya is set to win the Orange API Challenge


The Orange API challenge is still going on after the submission phase ended on September 15th. Shortlisted candidates will be announced on 23rd September and actual app building will commence from September 28th to November 1st 2015. Developers will have one month to develop applications on SMS, USSD and Direct Operator billing APIs. Apps built during this period will be submitted through a service integrating orange API.

This submission form will be available as from October 12th 2015 to November 1st 2015. After November 1st, the challenge will be closed. The winner will then be announced on November 17th.

So here are the reasons why I believe Kenya will win the Orange API challenge.

Kenya’s growth in the digital sector

Young Kenyan techies are changing lives across Africa for the better. Youth groups made up of mainly university students or recent graduates who have ventured into small start ups are turning to be Kenya’s latest magnet that is attracting global firms such as Microsoft, Samsung, RIM as well as venture capitalists. Operating from various innovation centres such as LakeHub, iHub, iLab Africa, 88mph, Nailab and  mLab more software developers have come up with mobile and personal computer based software apps that are changing lives across he continent.

Since 2007, the Kenyan government has linked a total of Ksh13.4 Billion to contracts with several IT firms to build inland telecommunication infrastructure, as it seeks to increase efficiency, cut on operational costs and stamp out corruption. The stride to offer its services online under the e-goverment initiative started with the laying of the National Fiber Broadband Infrastructure phase one, that saw the deployment of 5000 kilometers of fibre optic in most counties at a cost of 5 billion.

If you thought hackers only live in hollywood flickd then you are wrong, There are some amazing hackers in Kenya and this was evident at the AfricaHackOn. AfricaHackon started with a simple conversation between two information security engineers – Bright Gameli Mawudor and Lewis Ng’ang’a. They met online on Facebook where they realised their common interest in Cyber Security. They were concerned with how Kenya lacked awareness in the field and the fact that the industry still remained in the shadows.

They came up with an idea to emulate hacker conferences that happen around the world. These includeDEFCON, BLACKHAT, DERBYCON, HACK MIAMI and several others. The journey was going to be long with a lot of work to be done.

Check out what happened at this years AfricaHackon conference on twitter using the hashtag #AHConf2015

Why Kenya will win the Orange API challenge

As you can see there is a lot of government support as well as fast cheap internet connection with great talents to utilize these resource. Go team Kenya I am rooting for you.

Kenya is leading the number of developers registered. This might indicate Kenyans are geared towards and anticipate taking on the Orange API challenge. I cant wait to hear and see what our own Kenyan developers will come up with for the Orange Cloud API.

Orange API challenge will give developers access to enterprise tools currently powering huge companies like Orange Global. This will expand  developer’s experience and make them more tech savvy.