At last! A Mobile Phone That Keeps Charge For a Whole Month


This week my attention was drawn to this Xtigi S18 mobile phone for the simple reason that it combines the functionality of a portable power-bank and a mobile phone and it can keep charge for a whole month! and costs only Ksh. 2,380

While using it as a mobile phone, I was able to use it for a whole month without a recharge. This involved receiving and making a maximum of 5 calls a day each within 3 to 5 minutes and of course replying to my text messages. As a portable power-bank I was able to recharge my 4400mAh Infinix hot note battery up to a maximum of 5 times.

I came to the conclusion that if you are looking for an ideal phone for your grandmother, for your parents in rural areas without electricity, for a retreat or travel then this is the best. And if you belong to the less tech savvy group that isn’t excited about a fancy screen, games and all the power consuming applications go for it!

Technical Specifications


USE 5567

This article originally appeared on the Jumia Blog here and is written by Robinson Murage.