International News TV on Free to Air Satellite in Africa

By Rae Whitlock from Columbus, OH, USA (Fox News stand) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The following is a list of international News TV stations available in Kenya on free to air satellite. You require a free to air satellite decoder preferably a HD MPEG4 receiver and a satellite dish in order to view these channels. You might notice many of the channels are available on Pay TV bouquets. But some of the channels are not available on Pay TV; CNN International for example is not available on the Zuku and Startimes bouquets.

Now here is the full list on International News channels available in Kenya on Free to air satellite. After installing a free to air satellite setup, there are no monthly payments whatsoever. You just get to watch the following channels for free forever.  The channels give you the latest breaking news in the international front as well as award winning documentaries. The brackets show which country the channel originates from starting with the very obvious.

CNN International (USA)

Bloomberg (Business News USA)

Fox News (USA)

BBC (Britain)

FRANCE 24 English

Euronews (Europe)

Aljazeera International (Qatar)

Aljazeera America (USA)

Russia Today

Press TV (Iran)

Aletejah English (Jordan)


CCTV 9 Documentary (China)


DW TV (Germany)

I24 NEWS (Israel)

TVC News (Nigeria)

Nile News (Egypt)

Nile International (Egypt)

All of the channels listed above are in English except for Nile News which provides news in English and French at different Intervals. If you manage to receive these channels, then you will also receive Movies, Documentaries, Sports and Cartoons all for free.

And another thing all of these channels are not on the same satellite, so you may have to invest in a good decoder plus DiSEqC switch and a number of LNB's.

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Written by Gichane
Tuesday, May 13, 2014