Is it worthy buying a Free to Air Digital Integrated TV in Kenya?

digital integrated TV in Kenya

Digital Integrated TVs in Kenya, Are they worth buying?

What is a Digital Integrated TV?
A digital Integrated TV is a TV that has an inbuilt Digital TV tuner. In other words it has an inbuilt Free to air Set top box.  With this type of TV, there is no need of buying a set top box at all.
These types of TVs’ are actually not cheap; in some instances they cost almost twice the price of their counterpart TVs’ that don’t have an Inbuilt Digital TV tuner.  That’s right while a normal 32 Inch HDTV costs around Ksh35, 000 (390 US Dollars), a Digital TV costs around Ksh50, 000 to Ksh70, 000 (550 to 780 US Dollars).

The only difference between these two TVs (Analogue and Digital) is the Main PCB board and the remote control. Every thing else is exactly the same you name it Power Supply, LCD panel, plastic  frame, screws, stand, wall mounting etc. So whatever makes them so expensive is a mystery.

Back to the question on hand is it worth it buying such a TV?

My argument first of all is the content you will get after buying such a TV, Is the Signet Free to Air package so good that it’s worth watching it on such an expensive TV? There is not a single HD channel on the Signet Platform, neither is there a premium channel worth of watching. What you will get is the same analogue channel you were receiving plus some other channels with very poor content,

Secondly if a person can afford such a TV, then He or She can definitely afford a premium pay TV package from either Zuku or Dstv.  These two pay TV providers have their own fair share of HD channels that can be viewed on a normal HDTV. Again why would you buy an Integrated TV just to connect it to Pay Tv providers’ decoders? The TV itself cannot decrypt the encrypted Pay TVs’ signals.

Again if you buy such a TV and wanted to upgrade to DVBT2 Terrestrial Pay TV from Startimes you will be required to buy the Startimes Set Top Box.

But there is a range of Samsung Digital TVs that can receive Pay TV in Kenya. The Model Numbers are Samsung UA32F4000, UA32F5000, UA40F5000, PS43F4900, PS51F4500 amd PA43H4000. These TVs are compatible with the GOcard, a product of GOtv. you simply just slot the card in the digital TV and enjoy. For more information you can contact Samsung Kenya through their toll free number 0800545545.

Lastly, there is some very good quality and fairly priced Free to air set top boxes in the market today.  Look at it this way instead of buying an Integrated TV at Ksh70, 000 you could buy the analogue TV cousin that goes for Ksh35, 000 and an STB for Ksh5000. You have made a saving of Ksh30, 000 plus you get to watch the exact same channels the expensive TV would have received.

What do you think of this argument? Please share your opinions using the comment form below these very expensive TVs.

This is a list of the Integrated TVs being sold in Kenya, the source of this information is from the Digital Kenya Website.


Digital TV Make and Model

Average Price


32’ Kshs 59,995

40’ Kshs. 79995

46’ Kshs. 129,995

LG Integrated Digital   TV

Models:   42LN540V,32LN540U

32’ Kshs. 50,100

42’ Kshs. 81,700

Sony Bravia Integrated Digital TV Models (DVB-T2 Tuner:   CXD2865GA).

KD 65 X 9004 A-999,995
KD 55 X 9004 A-699,995
KDL 55 W 904 A-349,995
KDL 46 W 904 A-249,995
KDL 55 W 804 A-224,995
KDL 47 W 804 A-159,995
KDL 42 W 804 A-119,995
KDL 42 W 674 A-79,995
KDL 32 W 674 A-56,995

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Written by Gichane
Wednesday, May 14, 2014