The Digital combo Set Top Box has the highest number of Digital TV channels available

The Thy Word Digital combo Set Top Box/Decoder has the highest number of Digital TV channels available in Kenya and it is also not very expensive. With this decoder you will receive all the Free to Air channels on the signet platform as well as channels available on free to air satellite. There are absolutely no monthly charges after installation.

The abbreviations DVBT-2/ DVBS-2 means the receiver is a combo receiver and again what this means is that it is both a Terrestrial as well as a Satellite Decoder.You will receive all the channels on the signet platform using your normal aerial and also an additional number of channels using a satellite dish. The decoder is licensed by the Communications communication of Kenya CCK so it if a fully MPEG4 decoder. (Digital Video Satellite 2 and Digital Video Terrestrial 2)

Reading through the official ThyWord website I noticed that the decoder is advertised as of being the highest quality satellite equipment that will give its consumers access to spiritually uplifting and culturally diverse Christian programming.

There is no problem in that its just that they have advertised christian channels available on two free to air satellites namely Intelsat 20 and Amos 5 and listed them as being either bouquet 1 or bouquet 2. You can view these bouquets at the bottom of this page.

But this is a free to air satellite decoder too and what this means is that it is not limited to only two satellites; You can receive TV channels that offer you movies, International news, Documentaries, Sports and even cartoons programming. But the satellite dish installation will have to be done by a professional installer like me.

The decoder only goes for aroud Ksh8000 only (price directly from the dealer). But if you buy it from Luthuli Avenue shpos you will get it at around Ksh12000.

Like I said before you are not tied to these channels alone there are hundrends of other channels you can recieve. For example check out this list of International News channels available on Free to Air Satellite.

Bouquet One from Intelsat 20 located at 68.5 Degrees East:

3ABN International
ABN (Nigeria)
Africa Unite TV
BelieVe TV
Business TV
Champions of Fire TV
Channel 44 promo
Channel Africa
Chosen TV
CTL Africa
Divine Truth
Dunamis TV
Elshaddai TV Network
Emmanuel TV
Evangel TV (Nigeria)
EWTN Africa & South Asia
Hope Channel International
Hosanna Broadcast Network
Impact TV Network (South Africa)
JCC TV promo
John 3:16
Kingdom Life Network
LoveWorld Sat
Messiah TV (Nigeria)
Miracle TV
Muvi TV
Nollywood Movies (Nigeria)
Nollywood Movies +
Olive TV
Omega Channel
Overcomers TV promo
Redemption TV Ministry
Revival TV
SonLife Broadcasting Network
Spirit Word
UBN (South Africa)


Bouquet Two on Amos 5 satellite located at 17 Degrees East:

Liberation TV
Apostolic Church
Channel 316
Family TV 2
Family TV 1
BelieVe TV
Anglican Faith TV
God's Learning Channel
France 24 English
3ABN International
Amazing Facts TV
Kingdom Africa TV
Fashion TV Africa
Calvary Network
Winners Chapel International
Bride TV
Dream God TV
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Written by Gichane
Sunday, May 18, 2014