Why I failed miserably installing SES4 @22deg West


If you look closely at the featured image you will see the problem exactly. the white building in the background is Westgate Mall (during reconstruction) and in the tree lines you can clearly see an unusual shadow. A shadow that is of a straight line considering that the photo was taken at around 3pm. It was the shadow of an adjacent building to where I was installing the satellite dish. I had feelings that the building would cause a problem since it was like a 15 floors commercial building on Lower Kabete just after Karuna Road junction.

According to the information on dish pointer the building was blocking the line of sight as is evident here.


That thing that looks like a V is actually a very tall building and the green line shows where the satellite is located and using the obstacle or line of sight checker, it was impossible to receive that satellite. I had already installed the dish at the corner most point of the building and it was impossible to move it further.

The height of the building was the biggest challenge. As per the screenshot above if the building was less than 21.4 meters high (h) and the dish away from the building, a distance (d) of less than 50 meters then it would be possible to receive the SES4 Satellite.

One thing I am sure of is that If I was installing the said dish on top of that tall building then I would have been successful.

  • nas

    what other satellites in kenya have english channels apart form amos and nile sat?

    • There is Eutelsat 70B that hosts Kenyan channels, Intelsat 20 that has very many Christian channels, Eutelsat 36B that has some channels that you will find on SES5, Eutelsat 7A and finally Eutelsat 8West that hosts Aljazeera America and KTV2.

      • duncan

        With a 90cm dish in Kenya and among the satellites above, which one should I point to if I want to watch Kenyan channels and maybe other channels having movies? Thanks

        • Hello Duncan, for local channels use a 90cm pointed at Intelsat 22. But in order to get the best movies and series channels you will need an additional dish pointed at Eutelsat 7WA @7deg West.

          Another solution is receiving all local channels on dvbt2 platform and movie channels on satellite. Though this will require two decoders.

          The last solution is getting a combo decoder like Openbox or Thyword.

      • Sammy

        Been trying to get Intelsat 20 without success, though can easily pick nilesat and ses 5 thanks to a meter I acquired. What from your experience is the strongest frequency on this sat so I zero in on it. I’m using a 65cm dish

  • Denis Bukenya

    Is it possible to nail Eutelsat 10A with a 65cm dish in Uganda for the Ugandan mux?

    • No you can’t receive Eutelsat 10A with a 65cm dish because it’s a C band satellite and you need a prime focus dish for that. The smallest dish you can try is 180cm/6ft

      • Denis Bukenya

        Thank you. I guess I have to stick with pay tv for now.

  • gandaowino

    Hi Domnic!kindly advise.Id like watch kenyan local hosted by signet using Strong FTA satellite decoder.Where i stay is not covered by the Adn frequency(474MHz)and Signet(634MHz).From the scanty info i have,I guess it i can track them on intelsat 22.but i have one impediment.Can i be able to use 90cm offset dish to do so.if yes which transponder and symbol rate can i use?
    Ganda from Maseno-kenya