The Big Box, an android powered Safaricom decoder


The Safaricon set top box or decoder is a one of its kind in East and Central Africa. It will have the capability of utilizing the 4G network that safaricom has heavily invested in. To top up to that it will be able to offer other mobile devices with WiFi signal through its hotspot. The 4G network will primarily benefit the large data users, like streaming HD movies as opposed to light browsing. Also interesting is that the video on demand feature will make the users watch what they want and at their aprroptiate time and or day. This is unlike traditional media where you had to wait on Monday at 7.30 just to watch Inspekta Mwala.

Its confirmed that the Box will

Be a DVB Decoder
Have a 4G SIM slot
Be Powered by an Android Operating System
Have Full HD capability and also the
Ability to play Games

These are just more predictions as we continue to wait

This is like a continuation of the other article Safaricom Digital Decoder, what to expect plus what are TV bundles

As for the DVB part we do not know if its going to be a DVBT2 decoder with an Antenna port but its rumoured that Safaricom will partner with ADN, the trio that owns Citizen TV, NTV, QTV and KTN to offer local content to viewers. Royal Media services is in the process of advertising its own decoders but we’ll will just wait and see how this all plays out. If this partnership goes through then you will be watching Inspekta Mwala even before it airs on traditional TV.

As for the games part, will the users be able to play forge of empires or call of duty on this set top box? What about the playing media, will it be the remote control or will users have the ability of connecting external USB pads. Maybe safaricom has that all figured out with two wireless pads inside the box. Well I think it all depends on the specs but its highly unlikely that it will be possible. But because the decoder is an android decoder, maybe it will be able to access the Google play store for a very wide variety of Games.The number of games that can fit on The box will depend on the memory capability of this decoder. I personally cannot wait to compare it with the most common smartphone in the market right now, the Infinix.

If the decoder is going to be sold for Ksh3499 then its quite obvious that it will not come with a HDMI cable.

Another important question. If the box is capable of video on demand, will it have PVR? Well its highly unlikely because if safaricom sells simple call back ringtones, it will definitely not grant you Gigabytes of movies for you to keep and maybe sell.

And finally, if the safaricom box could mimic what Roku does, it will be worth investing in. What I am trying to say is that local content does not sell, foreign particularly American content is what sells. I most certainly do not expect to see buni TVs shows on the box, I expect things like hulu plus, WWE network and maybe some live action football too.

  • Cypher

    when is the box hitting our shelves?

  • Eric Nyamu

    just google what an android settop box can can do so much same as this box from safcom.Now the big question is how will they charge for data.mambo ya bundles NO !You cannot be playing HD videos (video on demand for instance) and still buying

    • It will be bundles my friend. Here are the prices 2GB peak/1GB off-peak FOR kSH499 4GB peak/2GB off-peak for Ksh299 8GB peak/4GB off-peak for Ksh2999 A normal 1 Hour 30 min movie is around 1GB. So is Safaricom suggesting that we are going to pay Ksh500 for only two movies? This is the equivalent of 10 50 bob movies available at the movie dens, which by the way is also Video on Demand.

      • Tonnie Gathogo

        why do i have to pay 499 for 1gb only to watch 30 min movie of which i can get it with 40 bob ya collection kwanza hapa river road ama ronald ngala

        • Actually the minimum amount you have to pay is Ksh1000 for 6GB which has an expiry date of only 30 days. Its still not a good deal. I’m with you a good series with over 20 eposides is only 50 bob and it is still video on demand.

          • Kevin

            There is actually a different pricing for Tv Home data bundles at 1000 for 6GB upto 4000 bob gor 50GB

          • Thanks for the update Kevin, I will make the corrections.

    • Tonnie Gathogo

      i agree with you bundles apana