full list of all digital tv frequencies in Nairobi Kenya

List of all Digital TV frequencies in Nairobi #digitalmigration


This is the full list of all digital TV frequencies from all providers in Nairobi. There are many transmitter sites in Kenya and so the frequencies just like FM frequencies are not the same for all regions. The following list therefore does not apply for places like Malindi, Nyeri, Kericho, Nakuru, Eldoret. Kisumu and the like.

So frequencies of digital TV in Nairobi. Note that this is Digital TV using the MPEG 4 compression mode so one frequency can have quite a number of channels. This is also the biggest disadvantage because if anything happens to the transmitter, it takes down the whole group of channels. This is why you can see quite a big group of channels appearing on multiple frequencies. You can use the list do a manual scan of your set top box depending on your particular model and specifications. From the list of channels you can guess the providers like STV for startimes media and ADN for African Digital Network. Also notice that signet has more than one frequency broadcasting exactly the same channels.

Frequency 506Mhz

  • STV-CCTV Documentary
  • PANG Vision TV

Frequency 514 Mhz

  • Signet Family
  • Signet Sayare
  • Signet K24
  • Signet KBC1
  • Signet EDU TV
  • Signet EBRU Africa
  • Signet Njata TV
  • Signet Kingdom
  • Signet Revival
  • Signet Aviation TV
  • Signet Hope TV
  • Signet Pwani TV
  • Signet Youth TV
  • Signet Lolwe TV
  • Signet KTS
  • Signet LVTV
  • Signet Mother and Child
  • Signet WTV
  • Signet KTN TV
  • Signet Baite TV

Frequency 522Mhz, The Bamba TV frequency

  • Kiss TV HD
  • DW
  • GOD TV
  • Romanza
  • iFilm
  • EWTN
  • France 24 English
  • Aljazeera
  • Nollywood

Frequency 554Mhz

  • Go channel
  • Etv Africa
  • Africa Magic World
  • E! Entertainment
  • Africa Magic
  • ED
  • Disney Junior
  • Nickelodeon
  • Discoveryy World
  • Aljazeera
  • Channel O
  • Faith
  • One Gospel
  • Sony Max
  • Jim Jam
  • Select Sport
  • BET

Frequency 562Mhz

  • STV-ST Guide
  • STV-ST One
  • STV-ST Africa
  • STV-FX
  • PANG-K24
  • STV-Channel Ten
  • PANG-Health TV
  • STV-E-Stars
  • STV-e.TV
  • STV-E! entertainment
  • STV-Triple P
  • STV-Star Plus

Frequency 570 Mhz

  • STV-Amc
  • STV-True Movies
  • STV-ST Series
  • STV-ST Novela
  • STV-ST KungFu
  • STV-Trace Sport
  • STV-CCTV News
  • STV-BBC World
  • STV-Child Smile
  • STV-Nickelodeon
  • STV-Jim Jam
  • STV-ST Music
  • STV-MTV Base
  • STV-C Music
  • STV-Gospel Music
  • STV-ST Bollywood
  • STV-ST Swa Bol
  • STV-Star Gold
  • STV-ZEE cinema

Frequency 586 Mhz

  • STV-ST Movies
  • STV-ST Swahili
  • STV-ST Nat Geo Gold
  • STV- Discovery
  • STV-Viasat E+C
  • STV-Animaux
  • STV-Fox Sports
  • STV-Fox Sports
  • STV-Eurosports
  • STV-MCS Extreme
  • STV-Fox News
  • STV-Bloomberg
  • STV-TVC News
  • STV-Da Vinci Learning
  • STV-Family TV
  • PANG-3 Stones
  • PANG-Kaaba TV
  • STV-Sayare TV

Frequency 594Mhz

  • ADN-Citizen

Frequency 602Mhz

  • Signet KBC1
  • Signet Joy TV
  • Signet Hope TV
  • Signet K24 TV
  • Signet EATV
  • Signet Kass TV
  • Signet Kiss TV
  • Signet Ebru Africa
  • Signet Heritage
  • Signet Njata TV
  • Signet Kingdom
  • Signet Revival
  • Signet Aviation
  • Signet Hope Channel
  • Signet Church
  • Signet Sayare
  • Signet Deliverance
  • Signet YOUTH TV
  • Signet Lolwe TV
  • Signet KTS
  • Signet Farmer
  • Signet WTV
  • Signet WTV
  • Signet GE TV


Frequency 762 Mhz, Another Bamba TV frequency

  • Bamba –Justice
  • Bamba Movie
  • Bamba Smile


  • Paul Mwago

    What happens in a frequency like Bamba – 514 you only get some channels and others are not available. I do not seem to get cars or Movies club.

    • techsawa

      If the frequency is there, then there can be some channels which are blank, its normal.

    • If the frequency is there, then situations arise where some channels are blank. It depends on the provider, Bamba TV, during this phase of test transmissions.

      • mikee Em

        Hi, what are frequencies for

        in nakuru….
        i only receive ntv on the adn frequency and none on bamba except once

  • Holy Cow

    Very comprehensive list. Bamba has started transmitting on 522Mhz. So which frequency will the Annoying 3(Standard, Royal Media and Nation group) use?

    • I have already listed 522Mhz as for the ADN frequency, it was live a few days ago but disappeared after only one day

      • Update!! The ADN frequency changed to 594Mhz and is currently hosting Citizen TV, NTV, KTN and QTV

  • Victor

    Thanks been looking for this.

  • patty

    hello why can’t people in malindi enjoy the frequency? Kindly organise for us.

    • Hello patty, the frequencies for Nairobi and Malindi are very different and so are the number of channels.

  • Mcalphsh

    If I had a Bamba TV STB in a location without their 522 Mhz or 762 Mhz, can I still receive other frequencies, say Pang, Signet and ADN while waiting for their signal to go live?

    • I am not sure but I will ask Bamba TV on twitter and give you a response.

      • Mcalphsh

        Thanks for fast response

        • This was the reply from Bamba Tv “Hi @techsawa yes you can recieve all these other channels as you wait for bamba channels to go live.^FM”

  • Vick

    Nice. You updated it. Thanks


    bamba yangu haishiki NTV WHY?????????

    • Inafaa kushika NTV kwa freq ya Signet pamoja na Pang and ADN. Uko upande gani?

  • Jusper

    What’s Bamba, pang and adn frequency in kisumu.

    • Hello Jusper, I’m still looking for a solution to your query. I will update you once I get a blogger from Kisumu who can do the post.

      • Holy Cow

        Hi, these are the frequencies for Kisumu
        ADN 474Mhz
        Bamba 506Mhz
        Signet 634Mhz
        The above frequencies are functional as at today.

        • Thanks for the update Holy Cow, I will also share the frequencies on facebook.

          • Mchambuzi

            How holy is this cow?

          • I beleive very holy, he was updating us on the frequencies in Kisumu. If you live in Kikuyu, thats practically Nairobi and 594Mhz will give you all the ADN channels for free.

  • Mone

    I live in Nairobi and I have a digital tv, but I can only watch PANG and SIGNET how can I watch the rest??

  • Bernard Baraza

    Would you kindly advice us on the digital TV frequencies in Eldoret, some decorders are upgraded to jump over some frequencies that are not theirs, We are forced to input the frequencies manually.

  • Mchambuzi

    Why am I recieving KTN CITIZEN and NTV with a dollar sign on my free STB (Freq 594)?? I also cant recieve the newly launched KTNnews. I am in kikuyu town

    • Samuel Mwendwa

      had the same dilema.
      Go to your decoder and do a manual scan on 594. KTNnews will show up.

  • mikee Em

    How can i activate the stv channels

    • Hello Mikee, the only way to activate stv channels is to buy a Startimes decoder and pay the monthly subscription fees they charge.

      • mikee Em

        Thanks gichane

      • mikee Em

        Hello dominic,

        I tried tracking Intelsat22 72E with a ku lnb to no avail,a universal one for that case.where could i have not got it right?

        • There are so many reasons why you were not successful. First of all do you have a satellite finder.

          • mikee Em

            yes,i had a dstv one….i think it worked fine as i was able to track other satellites.

            something else,my decoder which is techno-sat t888 plus has just the H and V options and no L and R….How can i input the transponders on the left/right polarization?

  • alex k

    Bamba Tv channels got lost in Mathioya-Murang’a County

  • alex k

    What are the frequency for Bamba channels in Mathioya for manual search

  • Daniel ‘Mwarimu’ Kamau

    What are the frequencies for BAMBA, SIGNET, ADN in Nyeri County

  • karasyngah alex

    hi,,,please I want to know the frequency of bamba in kisii on star times

  • Mark Kapuru Mupalia

    My decorder keeps bringing the logo but can’t search the channesl…I bet the frequency changed..how can I successfully reset with the remote and bring back the channels?

  • Michael Musembi Tom

    what are the gotv frequencies for mwala sub-county within machakos county?

  • Michael Musembi Tom

    how/where do you apply vertical or horizontal frequencies for gotv decoders for good signal strength?