An LG Satellite TV showing the DiSEqC 1.0 functionality. It only allows a maximum of 4 satellite dishes

LG Kenya customer care DO NOT understand their TVs like their customers


This post is a continuation of LG TV Free to air Digital satellite 47LA6610 Questions answered.

 Hi Dominic,
No need to apologize, I too am a busy person so I understand how easy it is to have a huge email backlog. I
figured the LND was a typo though LG Africa customer care seem to understand their TVs less than their customers do.
Anyway I live in kahawa wendani so what bouquets do I have as options here? You mentioned that you
can only receive a certain number of channels per direction (I’m assuming per satellite footprint). I’m only interested in English channels of course, anything else is irrelevant. If you can also specify which channels are HD and which are SD that’ll be really helpful.

You also mentioned you watch local channels on freesat (not the UK freesat, just simplifying this term), but in your blog you say DTT is better for this. So does this freesat option also avail local channels? This will probably be answered by the previous question anyway I’m just reiterating it.
And how much do you charge for installation and other services? Thanks for your assistance.

(Name withheld)

This was my reply

Its true,the customer care staff at the LG call centre have no clue about what they talk about. In Kahawa Wendani there are a lot of satellites that you can receive. But all these will be limited to ony 4 options (The TV you own will only permit a max of 4 satellite inputs because of the DiSEqC 1.0 functionality.  It also allows the tone burst functionality that switches between two satellites. The evidence is shown below. At the back of the TV it has 2 ports, one for satellite LNB input and the other for The antenna connection. The antenna connection port receives both DTT as well as Analogue UHF/VHF channels. By the way all this information I had to find out myself because the Customer care staff at LG Customer Information centre are clueless about these things.

Digital LGTV showing the Tone burst functionalityThe back of a 32LN540U showing the LNB input as well as the Antenna/Aerial connector

This is what I would recommend, Amos5, Eutelsat 7A & SES5 on one 90cm dish using two LNB’s. (Although they can be received with a 65cm dish). I wrote an article about this. There is no single HD Channel on this sat though. Here is the Link

Nilesat 201 and Eutelsat 7W on one 130cm dish. Alot of good channels from this position dissapeared but the remaining channels like Dubai One, FOX, FOX Movies, Bahrain 55, CNN, MTV, BBC, Press TV, Aljazeera, Aletejah English, Kanal 4, B4U Plus among a few others have a good selection of Movies, International News and Documentaries. The HD fta channels are very few, I know of Dubai Sports 1 at the moment all the others are in Arabic

The last LNB can be on A 65cm dish pointed at Intelsat 20 positioned at 68.5 deg East. No single HD channel here though but you will get spiritual nourishment from the many christian channels on that position. for the list of channels on SES5, Amos5 and Intelsat 20 please check this link

For DTT channels, your TV has got you covered on that also because its a fully MPEG4 DBBT-2 receiver as well.