Zuku cable TV showing on a TV in Nairobi

Beware of zuku dealers who sell alternative substandard hardware


Zuku a local pay TV company has subsidized their equipment so as to offer affordable pay TV to you. But there are some unscrupulous traders in Nairobi and I believe also elsewhere in Kenya that are taking advantage of this kind gesture by Zuku. A Zuku kit goes for Ksh5600. This price is inclusive of the equipment plus installation and one month Zuku Classic for free. How are they doing it? And most importantly how do you identify such dishonest traders?

This is how.  The traders are withholding the best equipment offered to them by zuku. The precious equipment in question is mainly the Coaxial cable and the LNB. These traders sell cheap LNB’s and very low quality white coaxial cables to unsuspecting customers. By the way the Zuku Coaxial cable is one of the best I have come across, its even better than the Astel and Jacobs coaxial cables that I highly regard. They may sell you a Zuku branded dish but the other “good stuff” will remain in the shop for a higher paying customer.

The other “good stuff” is sold at a higher price to other customers. I know it because a Zuku LNB is much sought after by installers because of its quality, especially when installing free to air satellite TV.

Zuku offers very good equipment to its dealers only for them to deliver substandard equipment to its future customers. That is why complaints on the Zuku Official Facebook and Zuku Official twitter page will never end.

Watch out for these traders, the equipment they will sell you will cause problems afterwards. The white cable for example will not withstand the hot sub Saharan Africa sun for a long time. The cheap LNB plus the unqualified installer they send will cause problems during the cloudy and rainy days due to loss of signal known as rain-fade.

These are some very honest dealers out there but the installer they send will steal some of your equipment during installation. The major victim here is the LNB. Some experienced installers will also not install the rain protecting cap provided by the LNB. This will cause rust on the connection and eventually you will have to call them again for the anomaly to be corrected, at another fee of-course.

So how do you identify such dishonest traders? Simple before you buy your Zuku kit, ask if they have a Zuku LNB for sale. If they agree to sell you the Zuku LNB alone, then do not buy anything from that shop.

The other way to know such traders is if they sell you the equipment only for Ksh3000, then go ahead and ask for an installation fee. This is a trick because as soon as the Zuku kit is installed, you will be required to pay an additional subscription payment. At the end you will have spent more than Ksh7000, which is more than what Zuku recommends (Ksh5600).