Who lied to kiss TV management?

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So just recently kisstv Kenya just rebranded again after firing some of its staff mid this year that included the jso @ 7 guys.

So who lied to the kiss TV management to rebrand again in search of new viewers because teenagers were not so much into the station. The new kiss TV claims that it’s new look is customized specifically for the age group of 18 t0 24 year olds.

So whoever suggested this must have missed something and lied to the management in the following ways.

First they or he or she never convinced the management to build a website. This is a shocker as kiss TV is the only TV station in Kenya together with the likes of UTV and SAYARE that don’t have websites. It also seems like this is also true for its sister stations kiss100 and another radio station. What weirdoes’! These guys should take a look at the capitalfm.co.ke website. This is a radio station that should actually own a TV station.

Secondly why should the target audience assuming it’s primarily an urban audience watch music videos when they have a smart phone and internet access to download the same music. Look at it this way its easier for the target audience to listen to the same music while playing video games, chatting online and doing homework  than just sit around and watch kiss TV. Unless the target is some shaggz folks.

Thirdly a music TV station is not jus about music. Look at MTV almost 70% of the content on MTV is not music related. One of the famous TV shows on MTV is catfish the tv show. What new thing has kiss TV come up with? Nothing.

Lastly with the digital migration in Nairobi around the corner why the hell would the target audience watch kiss TV when there is variety out there?

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28 December 2013

Written by Gichane