The best Remote Control Ever

The best remote control I have ever come across is the Dstv Decoder Remote control.


dstv remote controller

I am not talking about functionality but at the way it is built to last.  Of course there are other cool remote controllers with better functionalities.

First of all I have never come across a remote control built with tough plastic like this one. You could run over this remote control with a motorbike or bodaboda and it would still function well.

The batteries this remote control has are two size AA batteries. What this means is that they are bigger than the triple A (AAA) size which most remote controls use.

The battery covers is built that it will not fly open or break when it drops. But do not test this theory at home, bar or pub. Not that it is a theory but it is true.

Those are the two things that have made this remote control the best, the strength of materials used to make it and the size of batteries

Now if you do not own this type of remote controller then check out Remote controll 101 How to take care of your remote control.

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Written by Gichane
Monday, January 20, 2014