How to take care of your Remote Control

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The reason as to why I am writing this post is because I saw someone looking for an STBs (set top box) remote controller with no success.

The Digital set top boxes vendors should stock more remote controls because if yours gets damaged you will be stuck with only the buttons on the decoder and not all decoders have the essential buttons.
What are the essential buttons? These are Volume up and down, channel up and down and the standby button. If you are lucky then a menu button will be a remote control loss saver.

But if your decoder only has three buttons channel up and down and standby button then you should be worried. What if the remote control breaks when the volume was Zero? You will have problems; you will not even be able to do a manual scan of the channels.

So here is how to take care of your remote control

First thing first the remote control should be placed on the table and not the chair or the sofa. This is for the obvious reason to avoid sitting on it.

Do not touch it with oily, muddy, or with food on your hands. The worst food you could be eating with your hands then touch the remote control is fish. The stench will remain on the remote controller.
If you can not avoid touching the device with dirty hands then place it inside a plastic bag or nylon as most people refer to it incorrectly.

It should always be placed upright with the buttons facing upwards. This prevents the print on the buttons from being worn out if someone were to drag it while picking it up.

The remote control should not be touched with wet hands or be placed near cups or bowls with liquid that might get spilled over it.

Do not put it in your mouth or suck on it. If you feel hungry eat food and if you must suck some thing suck you thumb.

Do not drop it.

If it is malfunctioning then do not hit it or bang it change the batteries instead.

Don not replace with just any type of batteries but the ones the manufacturer has directed. This information can be found under the batteries after opening the battery cover in most remote controllers.
Do not bite the batteries then insert then to test if they work. First of all you are biting poison and secondly a good pair of batteries is not that expensive.

Do not wait until the batteries start to leak but have a stock of new batteries on site.

If your remote controller uses two batteries then replace with the same type, that is do not mix batteries from two different manufacturers or place an old battery with a new one.

Now the remote control is one of the misused and the dirtiest parts of an electronic device. Check out the most misused part of an electronic device here. Clean it regularly with a soft cloth damped in a mild antiseptic liquid.

The hard food particles can be removed with an old tooth brush it works very well.

If you follow the steps above then you remote control will last.

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Written by Gichane

Friday, January 24, 2014