The Most misused parts of an electronic system

There are very many misused parts of an electronic system. So in this post only we are going to refer to an electronic system as a radio or Home theatre or TV in your home or bar or club.

Okay there are two major parts which are very much misused

The antenna or aerial

tv antenna

This is usually the first part to break on a portable FM radio. Now turning to TV, the TV shares the largest proportion of misused and poorly installed aerials or antennas. Did you know you are not supposed to install your antenna on a wooden pole? If that’s not enough you are not supposed to use a white coaxial cable for outside connections?

And why do people feel like they can use a broken umbrella as TV antenna? Worse still there are those who set up sufurias and metallic plates on their antennas.

Find out how best to install your antenna. Check out how to install your digital aerial for crystal clear non pixilated pictures.

The second most misused part is the remote control.

examples remote controllers

If it had a mouth and was a little girl then the remote control would be screaming its whole lifetime to the grave. It is sat on, thrown at enemies, sucked, dropped, banged, and touched with dirty hands. The list of atrocities committed against the remote control are lets just say many.

Well if you don’t want to find yourself in the international remote control court for atrocities committed then check out Remote control 101 how to take care of your remote control

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Written by Gichane
Friday, January 24, 2014