Data guzzlers in Kenya

Definition of a data guzzler, a data guzzler is a program or a website that consumes your airtime or data bundles at an incredibly high rate. You can be on a certain website enjoying yourself when in the background there is a data guzzler downing your data bundles like an old Mercedes Benz consumes guzzlers
In fact the future data providers should have a data economy feature like modern cars have fuel economy. So if fuel economy is said to be one litre of diesel for every 80Km then data economy should be like Ksh  1 for 0.001 GB of data.
A data guzzler can also be a person downing corporate data for a reason he/she was not employed for. Now this a data guzzler that the service provider just loves but employers hate. This person can triple an organizations data bill in just a few hours.

Now here are the top data guzzlers in Kenya

1. The guys that had Safaricom unlimited data bundle discontinued
These guys were crazy, to force an organization such as safaricom to discontinue the unlimited offer! Well these were vintage data guzzlers. So which data provider did they switch to? According to safaricom, the unlimited bundle  was not of commercial value and was prone to misuse by subscribers (data guzzlers)downloading as much as 35GB worth of data per week valued at an estimated Sh23,000, while only paying as little as Sh3,000.

This is a serious data guzzler.  Just watching two videos of 4 minutes each on YouTube normally costs around Ksh 48. Now if you spend 1 hour watching YouTube, video after video would cost you around 1000 bob. Thats why safaricom encourages you to watch YouTube videos instead of offering its customers unlimited data bundles. Another trend is coming up and that is musicians are uploading their content to youtube in HD quality. HD videos in HD format contain very much data that you may not be aware of while watching. A normal flv format video may be 12MB but if it was shot in HD it can go up to 100MB of data. Watch out! Clicking on that official HD video will consume your data bundles very fast.
You tube videos should be watched on Wi-Fi period.

3. Torrents
Well everything downloaded on torrent sites is not legal. From Operating systems,  drivers to movies and series. All the black market software and movies come from sites where you can download torrents.
In order for you to successfully download a movie torrent you need to add money to be guzzled  to your phone or modem or simply just buy  A 50 bob movie .

4. Online TV streaming.

This will be explained using this guy as an example. Well this guy could not pay or could not afford to pay for Pay TV so he bought a Free to air Satellite decoder SRT 4922 to be precise, the best in the market. Now this decoder had an option where you just plug in your modem and you can watch TV stations from around the world. Well it worked but it was even more expensive to watch 4 hours streaming than to pay one month subscription of the Pay TV he tried to evade. Now why are local TV stations advertising their online steaming presence? The only guys who would watch online streaming would be the ones at the top of this list.

I already covered IPTV in the previous point. Its Internet Protocol TV, just like steaming TV on your PC but only this time you use a special IPTV Decoder. These decoders can be connected to the internet through USB modems or WiFi Dongles. If you cannot subscribe to an unlimited 3G data bundle, you will not enjoy it. But again is there any reliable, cheap unlimited data bundle in Kenya?

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Written by Gichane
Thursday, January 2, 2014