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I came across a post in a popular forum site that claimed you can use your modem and browse the internet for free using CPROXY.

cproxy program image

What is CPROXY you ask? After clicking on the link provided in the forum post I was taken to the CPROXY website.

The finding CPROXY is a program that claims it can speed up your internet. Its tagline is easily speed up your internet.

According to the website it does not offer free internet access but it offers up to 100% more internet for the same price or the same internet for less money.

It also claims to fool your modem as to the actual data transferred making you use less money for more data.

cproxy fools your modem

I have not tried this program simply because I don’t trust it and secondly because it segregates its users. The paying users get more data speeds and the non paying users get lower speeds.

You can try it though the forum post claimed it works well with orange modems.

Just type CPROXY in Google search and download the program, its free.

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Written by Gichane
14 Jan 2013