Interesting you want to know more about Techsawa and its owner?

Hello there, my name is Dominic Gichane Kinungi, I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Kenya Polytechnic University Colege, now known as Technical University of Kenya.

My website is about my passion which is Consumer Electronics, Appliances and Electricals. I talk about Consumer Electronics inclusive of Home Entertainment systems; Home Appliances and Electrical accessories. I started this website because I noticed that I like explaining Electronics stuff to my clients, friends and family.  I can repair broken down Electronics, but what amazes me is that the root cause of majority of the problems is consumer misuse. For example did you know that you should not clean the inside of your Microwave oven using a Steel Wire, it scraps the paint. This leaves exposed metal which in turn damages your heating element (magnetron). I have also met my share of clients who mistakenly think that a satellite dish can simply faces any direction for TV reception. Check out wrong assumptions about free to air satellite.

I am here to help you with your products be it installing, servicing or consultation. I would really like to encourage you to stop buying counterfeit cheap Electronic products. They are very dangerous and hurt your economy too.

If you already own good quality Products, then I am also here to help you make it last longer. There are some mistakes that you make using your every day products that you didn’t know. I am here to highlight these mistakes and also to give you some important Tech tips.

Here is a very short list of random things about me:-

I am tall.
I love watching Documentaries.
I can handle very loud music.
My favourite app is shazam.
And also a great handyman.

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  • Whatsapp: +254720093949


Get this after only four months of blogging, I received a Whatsapp message from a Chinese Set Top Box Manufacturer, Mktech. This is their website www.gotechcn.com.  They wanted help getting some dealers in Kenya. Let’s just say I am very glad of doing my part.